A small mover with a clipboard.

A Guide To Using Small Movers

When Should I Get a Small Moving Quote?

When it comes to finding the right small mover, start at least 5-9 weeks before your move date. This way you have plenty of time to book the right company, pack your goods, and prepare for your move.

For most moving companies, the end of the month and weekends are the busy times. As a result, some companies have extra charges to move during those days. After you decide which company you want to use, contact them and ask what days are good ones for a small move. Flexibility equals lower cost.

How To Prepare For A Conversation With A Small Moving Company?

Clear communication about your expectations from your small mover can help make the process run smoother. Here are a list of questions you might need to answer prior to contacting a small moving company. Answering these questions will help you with a clear and accurate quote:

  1. What days do you prefer to move on?
  2. Is your move long-distance, local, or international?
  3. How far are you moving?
  4. Do you expect the small moving company to pack your personal effects, like clothes and dishes, or do you prefer to do it?
  5. If they are moving valuable or fragile items, please let them know in advance.
  6. How big is your move? What is the number of rooms that the small moving company will have to transport?
  7. Have you calculated the amount of insurance that you will need?

Here is some more information on comparing small move quotes and deciding on a small move delivery service.

Finding A Reputable Small Mover

You can find the best small moving company in a number of ways. The best is by word-of-mouth and recommendation from others. Most small moving companies have online profiles and the reputable ones have great ones. Check out their website and ask questions. With this advice, your move should be more enjoyable and much less stressful.

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