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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you pick up at my house?

Yes, we pick up your items at your residence or business.

Do you pack and crate onsite?

Yes, we can crate onsite.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship domestically and internationally.

Can you clear customs?

Yes, we can clear customs in most countries.

Are you licensed and bonded?

Yes, we are licensed, bonded, and insured.

Can you guarantee delivery dates?

Yes, we can guarantee delivery times.

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Yes. In most areas, you can drop off or pick up your items at our local warehouse for a reduced cost.
Standard transit times range from 1–3 weeks depending on several variables, including the size of your shipment, the amount of packaging involved, and the distance of transport.
Insurance is available for an additional cost. There are several policies available with varying premiums.
Payment in full is required once your shipment is packed and a final weight is determined. There is no deposit required and no payment due upon delivery. We accept all major credit cards as well as checks.
Usually we can pick-up your shipment within 24–72 hours from your initial call. However, we recommend you arrange your shipment one week in advance to allow us adequate time to schedule the pick-up for the day you request.
Yes, any items you package can reduce our labor charges. Please keep in mind that items need to be packaged to manufacturer specifications to ensure safe transport.
Conventional movers blanket-wrap furniture and loose load items into the moving truck. Since ShipSmart specializes in small shipments, we individually package items in order to keep all the shipments separated and protected against damage while in transit. With our service, your belongings are packaged in cardboard containers or wood crates in a manner that meets or exceeds the standards set by manufacturers for packaging new products, such as electronics and furniture, thus providing a safe and cost-effective way to transport your valued belongings.
ShipSmart was founded in early 1999. However, our founder has spent over 20 years in the moving industry and 15 years specializing in small moves. We are listed in good standing with the Better Business Bureau and are licensed and bonded with the U.S. Department of Transportation. References are available upon request.
The most common method of packaging involves either individually boxing the items or wrapping and consolidating them in a heavy-duty container. Most household items will be wrapped in plastic bubble wrap and/or foam, prior to being boxed in heavy-duty cartons. In the case of fragile items, such as glass, marble or artwork, crating in wood may be necessary. Once your items have been individually packaged or consolidated, they will be placed onto shipping pallets and secured with plastic shrink-wrap and banding. In all cases, our packaging standards exceed manufacturer’s specifications.
Yes, these services are available for additional costs. Our most economical service is our drop-off delivery which we refer to as “curbside” delivery. However, we do provide unpacking and inside delivery as well as reassembly and set-up service.
Proud members of the Better Business Bureau, AMSA, and the DOT.
DOT# 2226241

Department Of Transportation

Licensed, Bonded, and Insured


Our customizable shipping solutions makes it easy for you to move a small amount of goods anywhere in the world!


Our company has over 20 years packing and shipping everything from fine art for museums to boxes for college students.

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