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Two young female students happily unpacking and moving into their dorm room.
Should I Use A Small Mover For College?

Partnering with Ship Smart can relieve a lot of the stress that comes with moving to college. Ship Smart provides all the help you need to move into your dorm room or college apartment comfortably.

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A box packed with expensive dishes to be shipped with Ship Smart.
How To Pack Dishes And Crystal

We understand how stressful moving fragile and valuable items like china and crystal dishware can be. Here are some tips to help bring you peace of mind.

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A brown-haired younger woman is packing boxes and pre-owned furniture to ship to her vacation rental property.
Vacation Rental Improvements

Preparing a vacation rental for guests requires attention to detail and a focus on creating a comfortable and welcoming environment. Here are some tips to ensure your guests have a pleasant stay.

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An older couple happy because they downsized their move.
Reasons To Downsize Your Move

Downsizing your home is important and could be beneficial for practical, financial, and emotional reasons. Learn how to tell if downsizing is right for you.

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A young woman with brown hair in a wheelchair packing boxes in her room.
Moving with Limited Mobility

Moving is already a challenging experience, and having a disability can make it more difficult. With extra planning, you can create a moving experience that is smooth and tailored to your needs.

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A young woman moving boxes from her office to a new office out of state.
Relocating for a Job

Find out the pros and cons of relocating for a job, from having access to more career options to the challenges of adjusting to a new area. Learn more to make an informed decision when considering a move.

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Picture of a young lady deciding how to move her studio apartment without a car.
How To Move Without a Car

Moving to a new city can feel especially difficult if you don’t own a vehicle. Thankfully, many options, from DIY methods to professional services, can help you move safely and efficiently without a car.

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A plane being loaded with Ship Smart cargo to be shipped overseas.
Shipping Internationally

Getting ready for an international move can be time-consuming, expensive, and stressful. But knowing what it takes to make the trip more successful will help.

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Ship Smart employee checking to make sure a small shipment is being packed professionally.
Seven Small Move Tips

Making a small move can create big problems. Here are some tips to keep your move simple and stress-free.

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A upscale apartment with view of city being moved by Ship Smart white glove movers.
What is White Glove Service?

When you need impeccable and reliable move and delivery services, white glove service is the perfect solution. But what is white glove service, and what does it involve? Read on to find out more.

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A small move of household goods with a pink piggy bank on top of boxes with a yellow sticky note that reads downsizing.
Downsize and Save Money With A Smaller Move

Moving and worried about how inflation and rising gas prices will increase the cost? Save money with these tips.

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A ShipSmart furniture shipper inspecting large wooden crates.
Furniture Shipping Companies and Their Differences

If you are wondering what a furniture shipper is or what the difference is between different furniture shipping companies and movers, this article is for you.

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Small mover dressed in covid personal protection gear holding a packed shipping box in a clean packing and shipping warehouse.
Big Savings With Small Movers

There are not many options when you are trying to ship a few items of household goods. Ship Smart offers customizable packing and shipping options to make your small move affordable and safe.

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Picture of a elegant white couch wrapped in thick plastic ready to be packed and shipped state to state.
How To Pack and Ship Furniture

When moving furniture, you have the option to hire professionals or do it yourself and save the money. Here is the best way to do both.

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Beautiful white antique couch in an all white room needing to be packed and shipped for a customer.
How To Pack And Ship Antiques

Are you buying antique furniture from an antique dealer? Maybe your in line to receive that special family heirloom. Before you attempt to pack and ship your antiques read these tips from our packing professionals.

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Artwork that needs to be packed and shipped.
How To Ship Your Artwork

Are you trying to figure out how to ship your artwork? Discover the answers to some important questions and get your art pieces to their destination safely.

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A picture of a wooden shipping crate.
Tips For Shipping Crates

Are you considering building and shipping a crate? Set yourself up for a smooth shipping experience with these tips.

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A Ship Smart employee carrying antique furniture.
How to Ship Antiques

Whether you are shipping a one-of-a-kind family heirloom or a gem you discovered in a flea market, antiques carry immense monetary and sentimental value. Find valuable information that will help equip you with the best practices when shipping antiques.

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Ship Smart moving a chair out of customers home.
How to Ship Your Furniture

Learn how to mitigate the risk of dents, scratches, or broken parts while your furniture is in transit.

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A friend making a small scale move out of state.
How To Make A Small Move

Read on for useful tips and tricks on making small moves including how to find the best small movers.

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A happy couple packing and shipping items in large boxes.
How to Pack and Ship?

If you are planning to ship small or large items out of state, read these valuable packing and shipping tips.

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A warehouse employee wearing a mask and gloves.
Ship Smart Responds To COVID-19

Find out how we are doing our part to ensure the safety of our employees, partners, and communities.

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Moving expensive musical instruments.
Moving Expensive Items

How To find the right company to move your high value items and expensive musical instruments.

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A beautiful grandfather clock ready to be packed and shipped cross country.
Packing and Shipping Grandfather Clocks

If you're planning on transporting a grandfather clock by yourself, follow these instructions to make the process as painless as possible.

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Two movers helping a customer with packing and moving boxes.
Make Packing And Moving Simple

Make your small move more enjoyable by following these packing and moving tips from seasoned professionals.

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An artist painting a portrait in a room full of his paintings.
How To Ship Paintings

Shipping a few paintings can be a tough job. They are fragile, they can be large, and they can be awkward. By following a few expert tips you can make a complex job a whole lot easier.

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Happy couple moving to a new home.
Moving Tips For Couples

Moving is stressful and uprooting from your current location can cause strain on the strongest relationships. Here are some tips to avoid causing strain on your relationship.

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Goods packed on pallets being shipped via truck.
How to Ship a Pallet

Pallet shipping really helps keep your items safe and economical when shipping cross-country. Find out why in this article.

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A small mover with a clipboard.
A Guide To Using Small Movers

Before you call a small mover, consider reading these tips and questions. They will improve your whole conversation.

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A wooden crate shipping overseas.
Why Use a Custom Crating Company

Are you considering crating your goods? Maybe you would like a little more insight into the crating process. This post will help you to decide if you need custom crating and takes a look at the many benefits of crating.

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A small move sales agent explaining the shipping contract to a customer.
Small Move Pricing Demystified

In this post we help identify the major points in a small move quote to help you understand how small movers calculate your pricing.

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A group of kids who just moved to college.
How To Move To College

Moving to college is exciting, but it could be stressful too. Read these tips and start out with your best foot forward.

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A couple on floor making their moving plan on a laptop.
Planning Your Small Move

Avoid headaches, hiccups, and wasted time by including these tips in your moving plan. Get ready for a stress free small move.

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A small mover making a delivery to a customer.
Find Out How Long Small Moves Take

Are you unsure of when to expect your shipment? Do you need it yesterday? Well if you read this article, we will explain which service you have and when you can expect it.

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A employee making a delivery.
Find Out Which Delivery You Need

Do you want to learn more about the different delivery services we offer? This article goes over the different types of delivery services we offer and how you can customize them.

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A stack of shipping pallets.
5 Risks To Avoid When Shipping Pallets

In the long run, while it might seem simple and straight forward to ship a pallet of cargo on your own, but before you do read this blog for some common mistakes that many people make when shipping pallets of household goods.

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A happy employee from a small moving company.
What Is A Small Moving Company Or Small Mover?

Have you ever wondered what a small move is or what a small mover does? In this post we break down the different types of small moves and the different services that people use to move their small shipments.

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A laundry room with items that need to be packed and shipped.
How To Pack Your Laundry Room

I know what you're thinking, the laundry room, it's small and there is really not much in there. It should be easy, right? Not only are there some larger items that you might be forgetting about, but you probably have a lot of smaller items in there.

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Shipping boxes filled with dishes, appliances, and furniure needing to be shipped.
Packing Up Your Kitchen

The kitchen is usually one of the last rooms to be packed during a move. The following guide will make the process simple for you.

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The tampa skyline.
Moving To Tampa

Tampa is near the beach, has wonderful weather, and lots of parks and attractions. If you are thinking about moving here find out all about Tampa here.

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Moving to Philadelphia.
Are You New To Philadelphia

The “City of Brotherly Love” or, as the locals idiomatically refer to it as, simply, “Philly,” is an area steeped in history – against the backdrop of a city of industry. If while visiting, you find that like thousands of people every year, you'd like to make the move to Philadelphia a more permanent one, count on us to help you through the process.

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A picture of the Miami skyline.
Moving To Miami

Miami stands out in terms of its culture; even though you can see a rich mix of neighboring culture's influence, it also creates its own unique blend. If you need help moving, we are here to coordinate that for you!

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A map with push pins on possible travel destinations.
Moving Cross Country

Moving is expensive! And moving cross country can REALLY start to add up. The “do-it-yourself” option is not always the least expensive route. We have a few tips that can help you save some of your hard-earned money.

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Minneapolis skyline with cars and trucks moving on the highway.
Moving To Minneapolis

Wondering what the Minneapolis is like? Let's take a look at the layout of this remarkable city. Whether it is the nightlife or the beautiful parks, Minneapolis is a great choice for your next move.

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A half packed basement almost ready for moving.
Packing and Moving Your Basement

Ok it is time to pack and move the basement. Have your friends disappeared because they have that “thing” they need to do? Are those stairs looking pretty formidable? Don't worry, here are some tips to help you get everything ready for moving day.

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An antique dresser shipping cross country.
Shipping Antique Dressers

Having years of experience setting up successful moves of antique pieces, Matt provides useful tips to help you ship your antique dresser long distances.

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Moving a room of kids stuff long distances.
Packing and Shipping The Kids Room

Okay time to pack up the kids room, are you standing in a room filled with toys, maybe boxes are spilling over with stuff you haven't seen in years, is that an old cookie mixed in with her dolls? Is it out of control. Well relax, and take a breath, we can help.

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Moving a china cabinet long distances.
How To Move A China Cabinet

China Cabinet, Break front, Hoosier Cabinet, whatever you call it, one thing is certain, it's big, heavy and fragile: making it one of the more complex pieces to move properly and safely. Now let's get that thing moved.

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Moving To Atlanta.
Moving To Atlanta

Atlanta, Georgia was officially founded in 1847, but you couldn't tell it by the number of new residents deciding to call it home. With an influx of new residents, an opening up of jobs and exciting opportunities for the city as a whole many people are moving to Atlanta.

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A photo of the Manhattan.
9 Reasons To Move To Manhattan

The Most Coveted Place Among The Other Boroughs In NY, It Remains The Greatest City Of All Time. If You’re Thinking About Moving To Manhattan, Ship Smart Is Here To Help.

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A photo of the Washington Monument.
7 Reasons To Visit Washington DC

Washington, DC Is Home To Americas Rich History And Iconic Sights. If Your Considering Moving To Washington DC, Ship Smart Offers A Wide Array Of Services We Can Tailor To Fit Your Needs.

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A view of New York City.
10 Reasons To Move To New York

If You Want To Experience A Fast-Paced Life In A One Of The Most Vibrant Cities In The US, Try Relocating To New York City. Here Are 10 Reasons Why You Will Fall In Love With New York City.

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A man gazing at a high value art piece.
How To Ship Your Valuables

When Your Shipment Involves High-Value Items, You Need More Than Just An Ordinary Shipping Company. You Need A Specialty Service That Caters To The Specific Solutions Of Your Unique Shipment.

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A picture of an college student studying.
Shipping to a College

Shipping your belongings to a college, school, or a university can pose a challenge. Good preparation and planning will get you off to a good start.

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A picture of an apartment that is being packed for shipping.
How to Ship a Studio

Whether you're upgrading to a one bedroom apartment or you're moving to another studio in a different city, you need a small moving company because a studio apartment rarely has enough to meet conventional moving company minimums. Any shipment that falls under the standard 2000-lbs minimum is considered a small move. Unlike larger moves, packing and shipping furniture and personal effects from your studio can be complicated. However, with our top-rated experts and customized services, the process doesn’t have to be stressful. Ship Smart will help ship your items with minimal stress.

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A daughter, happy that her retired mother moved closer to her.
Moving an Elderly Parent

An elderly parent leaving a home filled with memories can be an emotional and can be very stressful. There are logistical issues to figure out, such as when the move is most convenient for them or how long they can be without necessary possessions. Senior moves can be overwhelming, and whether you are moving your loved ones nearby or to another state, Ship Smart is here to make the process simple and worry free.

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A small apartment with just a few belongings.
How To Ship An Apartment

The rising rates for rental apartments in the U.S. forces many professionals to look for affordable living spaces in city centers. An efficiency apartment is ideal if you are on a tight budget or you don’t spend much of your time in the house. Due to its size, there is limited room for furnishing with large appliances or furniture, making the ideal size job for a small move specialist like us!

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Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada.
7 Reasons to Ship to or From Las Vegas

Buying an antique from the local market or sending a bedroom set to your relative? Furniture shipping can be a difficult and sometimes expensive endeavor. To safely ship fragile items of any size to Las Vegas, you need to enlist the services of a professional shipping company. They offer crating and packing services and with a good tracking system in place, there is no more wondering when you’re your shipment might be delivered.

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A photo of the hot air balloon festival in Albuquerque.
Reasons to Visit Albuquerque

Whether You Are Going On A Family Vacation Or Solo Trip, Albuquerque Offers Plenty Of Cultural Institutions, Historical Sites And Culinary Excellence For You To Enjoy.

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A view of the Salt Lake City skyline.
Reasons to Ship to and from Salt Lake City

Looking to transport a few items into or out of the Salt Lake City region? Save yourself time, money and effort. Let the experts handle the packing and shipping and give you the best services at the most competitive rates. Here are some reasons shipping into and out of Salt Lake City with Ship Smart can be easy and cost effective.

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A view of the Phoenix skyline.
Reasons To Visit Phoenix

You probably have heard stories about the dry and harsh weather conditions in Phoenix, Arizona. You can picture yourself all sweaty and think to yourself, ‘why would I visit Phoenix?’ We demystify the myths and paint the real picture for you. After reading this article you will want to pack up and start your trip immediately!

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A view of the Seattle sky line and Space Needle.
Reasons To Ship To or From Seattle

Seattle is home to some of the most stunning scenery in the U.S. The city is surrounded by mountains and long bodies of water, so it is no wonder several Fortune 500 companies have their headquarters here. For helpful information and resources when planning to move to Seattle visit the Seattle Chamber of Commerce

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A view of Mt. Hood over the city of Portland.
Reasons To Visit Portland

The awe-inspiring scenery, eateries, and wildlife will make you want to move to Portland. If there is one word to describe the city, it is charming. Food is cheap, beer is in plenty, and entertainment is endless. If you love the outdoors and the beach, and enjoy seafood, you might not leave Portland, Oregon at all!

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A photo of the city of Sacramento.
Reasons To Visit Sacramento

If You Are Looking For A Different Lifestyle Away From The Beach, Sacramento Offers A Unique Glimpse Into Historic Sites And Farm-To-Table Delicacies.

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A view of the San Diego skyline and palm trees.
Reasons To Ship To San Diego

Whether you are shipping furniture, artwork, or household goods, you need a company you can rely on. San Diego is a surf destination; the beaches are stunning, the weather idyllic and numerous attraction sites fill the region. The economy is mainly driven by manufacturing and international trade. It has a commercial port which is a Foreign Trade Zone serving many countries.

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A photo of a beach in Los Angeles
Reasons To Visit Los Angeles

Glamour, shopping, night life and Hollywood are some of the things that come to mind when one thinks of Los Angeles. With towering skyscrapers, miles of extraordinary beaches and beautiful coast lines, below are nine of the many reasons why you should visit Los Angeles at least once in your lifetime.

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A photo of the San Francisco skyline.
Reasons To Ship To San Francisco

There Are Many Challenges You Can Face Trying To Ship Items To San Francisco, Find Out How Ship Smart Can Make Them Easy.

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A photo of the many sizes and choices of boxes used for moving and shipping.
Use The Right Shipping Boxes

Reduce The Chances Of Broken Or Damaged Items By Using The Right Type Of Moving Boxes. Read This Post To Educate Yourself On The Different Sizes Of Boxes Available.

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A photo of personal mementos.
Packing Precious Mementos

It is never easy to let go of a good memory. And most of the time we have a special item or items that reminds us of that sweet moment. If you are moving, your precious mementos will be the first items you will pack. Preparing your mementos for shipping requires extra special care, as well as extra packaging material. We guide you on simple yet effective ways to pack it.

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A photo of a contemporary bathroom.
Packing The Contents Of Your Bathroom

You Might Be Surprised To Learn That You Can Save Some Money Off Of Your Moving Cost When Shipping The Contents Of Your Bathroom.

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A photo showing clothing to be packed for shipping.
Packing Up Your Clothes

These Are The Items That You Can't Leave Behind No Matter Where You Relocate To.

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A photo of a contemporary matching bedroom set.
Small Move Tips - Shipping a Bedroom Set

If you are looking to ship your bedroom set, Ship Smart is a perfect choice. We are a small moving company that offers the most economical, safe and efficient furniture shipping services. Your Bedroom is where you spend a great deal of time, and where you store many of your personal items, so we take the necessary care to protect and safely transport your bedroom items.

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A contemporary and matching bedroom set.
How To - Shipping a Dining Room Set

Family dinners are magical moments we all cherish. Did you know that dinnertime conversation is good for the brain? Research shows that kids who regularly have family dinners are likely to perform better than kids who don’t. Here at Ship Smart, we know a dining room set holds a special place in your heart and that is why we have a unique set of customized services for packing and shipping your furniture.

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A photo of family heirlooms and furniture to be shipped.
Packing and Shipping Your Family Heirlooms

Most unique items are delicate and can easily be damaged if not handled properly. Family heirlooms and antiques need special handling and packaging in order for them to be delivered safely. These are the items that you can't leave behind no matter where you relocate to. Their sentimental value is what makes them priceless.

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A photo of a young couple lifting their couch to be shipped.
Ship Smart - How To Ship Furniture

There Are A Number Of Ways To Ship Furniture, Find The Best Service For You.

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A photo of a couple in their new home after a stress free move.
Ship Smart - Doing a Stress Free Small Move

Whether you are moving a small individual office, one room of your home, or one large piece of furniture, you need experts with years of experience. You don’t have to pay for the whole truck when your items cover only a quarter of the space or less!

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