A group of kids who just moved to college.

How To Move To College

How To Move Into A University or College?

Moving to college is exciting. You are finally making your own decisions, and taking courses that you care about, or at least spark an interest. College is filled with making choices, and some of these choices will impact the trajectory of your entire life. So do not make them lightly. One important choice you might have to make, is deciding where you are going to live. Are you moving on campus or off campus? If it's your first year, are you going to move into a dorm or a college-sponsored apartment building?

Knowing where you are going to live can help you pack; and the best way to travel is to travel light. Before you load up and take off to college, you may want to do a little preparation. My advice to you, is unless you live really close to home, I would box up all your things before leaving home. I know your parents promise you that nothing will change in your room, but you might be surprised how fast your room can turn into a guest room, mom's craft room, or dad's office.

How To Pack For College?

When boxing your clothes box them by seasons like, fall, winter, spring, and summer. The most important thing to do is label them in clear legible writing and on multiple sides of the box. Separate wall art from your music/movies; separate long-time storage from the stuff you might need in school. This will help you later, which you will read about next.

Living in a super-small room with a complete stranger in most cases is unavoidable. This is college. Some of your best friends in life are made at college, and your first year dorm-mate can be your first one. Don't be nervous, a harmonious co-existence can be accomplished by following a few suggestions.

What is the best way to move into a dorm?

Before you haul the sectional with your big screen and x-box, sit-down with your roommate, better yet get some lunch together, and have a discussion about the following.

  • 1. Discuss room design. Bunk beds or Lofts? Share a fridge or separate ones? Wall art?
  • 2. Suggest making lists of strong dislikes and exchanging with each other.
  • 3. Discuss your home-style. For housecleaning, which chores do you not like to do? How do you like to sleep? Super dark and freezing with lots of blankets, or with the heat cranked up and the TV on?
  • 4. Hit the shops together and try to remember each others dislikes list.

How To Move Furniture To College?

Once you have determined what furniture you need, if any, go back home and grab the missing items. If you live out of state, use a small moving company like Ship Smart, to move your boxes and furniture for you. They specialize in moving students to college and can do it affordably. If you have done it right you should have everything labeled and ready to go.

Avoiding every potential problem with a dorm-mate is not possible, but with a little situational awareness, the right attitude, and a decent plan you can minimize a stressful situation and make the next few years more enjoyable.

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