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When can I expect my shipment?

If you have ever needed to ship something very quickly, you might have heard terms like “express” or “expedited”. Perhaps you have been given the option of “day definite” delivery, which has recently picked up steam in the industry. All the shipping terms used by different companies can cause confusion.

Ship Smart has many options, and this article will clear any confusion by explaining our terms to help you understand your shipping service.

What does "deferred" service mean?

If you received an estimate online or over the phone, you are set up for a "deferred" shipping service. This means you are willing to trade a "definite delivery" date for cost savings. From October thru February "deferred" shipments can take 2-3 weeks. This time range is not guaranteed, and may take longer. In our busier months, March through September "deferred" shipments can take 2-5 weeks. This time range is not guaranteed and may take longer. Your flexibility enables Ship Smart to provide an affordable small move. Your shipment is still delivered by appointment, and you will receive a phone call to schedule a convenient delivery.

What if I need it faster?

If you need it faster, Ship Smart offers 4 "expedited" services. The following options are classified as our expedited services and can be added to any shipment, provided your items have not shipped from our warehouse.

If you want to save money, but want to have a better idea when to expect your shipment you can take advantage of our "hot" service. With the "hot" service, our company moves your shipment ahead of the "deferred" shipments. This will shorten the time it takes to pack your items, but does not cost an arm and a leg. For faster shipping times we offer a 2-3 week guaranteed window, a 7-10 day guaranteed window, and a day-definite window.

  • 2-3 Week Hot Shipment. Your shipment is moved in front of all our "deferred" shipments.
  • 2-3 Week Guaranteed. You are guaranteed delivery within 2-3 weeks.
  • 7-10 days Guaranteed. You are guaranteed delivery within 7-10 days.
  • Day Definite. We guarantee your delivery by 5pm on a specific day.

All expedited services will be noted on your contract in the notes section. If you do not see any notes, please call our customer service for assistance.


Ship Smart has access to some of the fastest shipping services available for small moves, but these services need to be balanced with cost. If you have a special case feel free to contact us and we would be happy to help you find a solution.

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