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Planning Your Small Move

Plan Your Move & Work Your Plan.

Most people detest moving, which can explain our the last-minute rush to pack up possessions to be shipped or moved cross country. Suppressing that sinking feeling of forgetting where you hid your valuables; or the inevitable breakage or loss of some of your sentimental items.

Well we're here to tell you that moving does not have to be all bad. It can be a time to get organized and clean up. If you create a plan far enough ahead it can be stress free and beneficial for you. If you are falling behind right now, the tips in this post can help you catch up by providing a basic plan to mold your move around. Creating a moving plan will help you put your best foot forward at the destination.

  1. Mental Organization. Don't wait till the last moment to make a plan ahead of time. Create an inventory list of your possessions. Organize them into three categories by use: things you use daily, weekly, or monthly, and the items that can be put in long-term storage.
  2. Clear Labeling. Mark every box Daily, Monthly, Storage based on the three categories above. Note the contents and what room they belong in and date the box. If they are fragile, use larger labels on at least two to three sides.
  3. Pack Properly. We are all trying to cut cost because moving can be expensive, but if you can, don't skimp on packing. Try using bubble wrap or foam wrap instead of newspaper. Don't over-pack large boxes with heavy items or under-pack small ones with lightweight stuff. Instead use the large boxes for lightweight pillows and blankets, and use the small boxes for books, your back will thank you later. Use tape to seal your boxes and lots of padding for framed pieces and artwork. It should go without saying ditch the flammable liquids.
  4. The Valuables. Place your super important items such as photos, medicine, legal documents, and jewelry in a durable briefcase or box to take with you separately during the move.
  5. The Daily. Depending on how long your move will take and how much space you will have when you travel to your destination, you may want to take the daily boxes with you.
  6. Visualize The Delivery. Make sure your bookcases, desks, cabinets, and utility shelves arrive at the destination first. This way, you will have a place to stage your items when you unpack.
  7. Start by unpacking the "daily" boxes immediately. Put the "Weekly/Monthly Boxes" boxes in the room on the label and unpack them on the weekend. Stick all the "Storage" boxes in the garage, in an empty room, or in a corner. Unpack the ?Storage? boxes later.
  8. Enlist Help. If you get overwhelmed or you just want a simple way to move, you might consider seeking help from a packing and shipping company like Ship Smart. They are a top-rated small mover, that knows how to safely pack or crate your precious heirlooms, artwork, and furniture to minimize the risk of damage.

Ship Smart is a small moving company that specializes in packing and shipping small amounts of household goods long distances. All of these tips were provided by our shipping experts to make your small move easier. If you are running out of time, we would be happy to help you. You can start by getting a price for your small move online. Your rate will be provided to you on our website in minutes 24/7.

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