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What Is A Small Moving Company Or Small Mover?


Small moving companies specialize in smaller loads. They consider any load that falls under 2,000 lbs in weight as a small load. Generally, items in a small apartment or studio are considered a small load. If it is greater than 2,000lbs then it is considered a large move.


If you have a small move, It is important for you to calculate the size of your shipment to avoid errors from shipping agents and to avoid surprises in your expenses. Let's say you want to move a fridge, and the dimensions are as follows, 3ft x 2.5ft x 6 ft., which means the volume of the fridge is 45 cubic feet. Using this information, you can proceed by asking the shipping company how they calculate their shipping charges. Many movers, use 5lbs per cubic feet, meaning the estimated weight of your fridge is 225lbs. This is calculated by multiplying the volume of the fridge (45 cu. ft.) to the multiplying constant of the company (5lbs). Others companies like Ship Smart will simply weigh your shipment and charge you on your final weight.


There are many different types of small moving companies. Each company functions differently in the way they handle shipments. As we proceed, you will learn what service is the best fit for your type of shipment.

Blanket Wrap Small Moving Companies: Not to be confused with moving companies that move entire homes, this type of company wraps a padded moving blanket around your items, and there is no special packing for the item(s) being shipped. Your items are consolidated with other small moves until the truck is filled. Since there is no additional packing your cost is lower, however, your items may be prone to loss or damage. This service is a good way to ship durable items and the best way if you are moving under 300 miles.

Packing Stores: These normally consist of packing companies, courier services, and other mailing companies. Items must be dropped off at a warehouse or a store, where they are packed by their employees. This service is great for shipments under 150 lbs. However, if loss or damage occurs, customers may be stuck in the middle of two different companies refusing to claim responsibility.

Packing & Shipping Companies: There are very few companies that run this type of small moving service, and Ship Smart is among the leaders in this category. Their company can pick up, custom pack and deliver your items to your doorstep. Ship Smart can also run an expedited door to door delivery service, from anywhere in the country. They also take on the liability for your items from pick up to delivery. This service is good for moving large, fragile, or expensive items. Ship Smart can back up their professional packing service with optional full-coverage insurance policy for a 360-degree white glove service. The shortcoming is that it is a bit pricey to ship one or two boxes.

Container & DIY Services: Services in which containers are dropped off and loaded by the customers are not ideal for the average person with a small move. Most people do have the experience to properly pack these containers and end up accruing heavy amounts of damage. Secondly, these services end up having the highest cost out of all the small moving options. If you are not filling the container you are not maximizing your dollar.

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