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When it comes to small moves, not all services are the same. Ship Smart provides the best packing services with big shipping discounts to provide you with considerable savings over doing the move your self or other blanket wrap services. Read below for more information.

What about using other small movers?

Great brands have imitators, and Ship Smart is no exception. Most companies that advertise small moves are simply consolidating as many small shipments into traditional blanket wrap moving vans. With nothing to separate the shipments but blankets, this can increase chances of loss and damage, and generally means very long transit times. Ship Smart custom packs or crates your items to protect them during shipping. This greatly reduces the chance of loss or damage, which is why our company has one of the lowest damage and loss ratio in the industry. So don't be fooled by small blanket wrap consolidators, and give the nation's largest small move company a call today.

5 stars -

I was recently out on the East Coast and had to make a quick decision on some family heirlooms. Our mover in Salt Lake City recommended Ship Smart. I called and on very short notice they arranged pickup exactly when I needed. Customer service was very helpful and the packing was very professional. They consolidated a large chair, lamps, pictures, and other fragile items into one shipping crate. Delivery was in exactly the time they quoted and delivery was very flexible. Everything arrived in perfect condition. I was very happy with the entire experience.

Should you do it yourself?

When you hire Ship Smart, all costs such as the truck rental, gasoline, temporary storage, boxes, and packing materials are all included. After you add up all these expenses, which you would have to cover yourself in a "do it yourself" move plus time missed from work, you will discover how a Ship Smart move saves you significant Time and Money!

5 stars -

ShipSmart picked up my self-packed clothes and household goods, and they packed my two bicycles in separate custom cartons. Actual weight was close to their estimate based on my input, and fee was reasonable and much cheaper and safer than me renting a U-Haul and dealing with a trailer...Can't get any better than that.

What about using one of those pod systems?

A pod is basically like a "do it yourself" move except it's a lot more expensive. You manually pack your belongings into the pod, you are responsible for boxes and materials, and you are responsible if the items are damaged during transit. A lot of customers do not understand how much items can shift in their pod during transit or how the pod is treated after it leaves their residence. With Ship Smart, everything is handled for you and at a lower price PLUS, we'll insure your belongings from damage.

5 stars -

The entire team at Ship Smart are consummate professionals who really understand the moving business and provide stellar customer service. We had an international move from Vancouver to Los Angeles, which can be daunting and stressful. We decided to work with Ship Smart because they were the most professional explaining the process, were able to provide expert advice on the logistics, and had competitive pricing. We were not disappointed!
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