Packing and Shipping Your Boxes

Ship Smart has great rates when you are shipping several boxes cross-country or internationally. Large and oversized boxes can be difficult to move on your own, but Ship Smart's full service pick up makes moving those boxes as simple as signing your name. So not only are we affordable, but you also get a full service pick up at your business or residence, which makes shipping boxes easy.

Here at Ship Smart we know that it takes a lot of work to pack your boxes up. That is why we offer a service called onsite packing. When you add this service to your move, Ship Smart sends two people to your location to box up your goods professionally. They bring all the necessary packing supplies needed, so you can sit back, with the peace of mind that comes with knowing that packing professionals are preparing your goods for shipping.

If you are shipping furniture or other larger household goods these items will be packed at our wharehouse. If you prefer to pack your boxes yourself, they are still protected when we palletize them. This means we place your moving boxes inside a large four foot by four foot box to make sure they all ship together and to add another layer of protection.

Packing all your boxes and taking them to a parcel service can be difficult and even though your doing it all yourself, it can still be costly. Instead of managing a large box shipment on your own, call Ship Smart to see if our price is lower, it definitely will be easier. Call us at (866) 333-8018 .