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Moving from one place to another should be categorized as one of the most stressful things a person will ever do. It really doesn't matter the distance either. It can be from one apartment to another in the same city, or you could relocate to a completely different state or a different country. The fact that you have to pack your entire life into brown cardboard boxes is not always considered a normal or easy feat.

You start off your packing normally with small items and clothes, and you close your first box, thinking the rest will be just as smooth. Then come all the other items such as televisions, appliances, furniture and beds. That's where everything gets exponentially more complicated, and where you start to slowly give up as you realize there's just too much stuff to do.

What about a moving company?

That's always a great idea because a lot of the time you can have them do the packing for you, and basically do end to end shipping of your items from your old place to your new place. These are a great option if you don't feel like having a DIY moving experience.

A lot of the time these large moving companies need to be insured and that adds a level of protection to your goods during your move. This is a great added-benefit, and you can have highly qualified movers take your goods, while you simply enjoy a nice cold one and relax the day away. So for a large move, like an entire 3-bedroom house, go with a large mover.

For the small moves don't waste the time trying to rent out your own truck and beg those friends with a six-pack and some pizza to help you move. The same frustrations you are already feeling will transpose over to your friends, and they may help you, but not without their own grumbling in the background. Plus, the last thing you want to do is put your friends in a position where they may get accidentally injured while trying to help you move.

Where can I find a reputable small moving company?

This can be a tricky part, because there are a lot of small moving companies out there, and they all provide varying levels of service that may not always be the best solution for you. They may have fixed fees regardless of how much or how little you move, which can greatly increase your costs when they don't need to be.

That's where the vision behind Ship Smart came about. Originally focused on simplifying general logistics issues, we also expanded our services for those shipping small amounts of household goods. We really focused our offering by networking with over 300 small moving companies across the nation, meaning we can easily help cover that move from New York to Los Angeles if the opportunity presented itself.

We have a customer-first mentality that is sometimes lost in this day and age, and we bring over 20 years of shipping experience to the industry. That means if we are recommending small movers to you, then that recommendation has been vetted by our experts, and we would personally use them ourselves. With our customer-first approach, we are highly rated on BBB and Trustpilot. We make sure to handle every single customer question, and on the off chance it happens, directly handle any customer complaint we come across.

What sort of service can I expect?

We are that committed to ensuring the smoothest packing and shipping experience for you, so you barely need to even move when the shipping happens. If you choose so, we will make sure the company we send to you takes all of your goods from your home immediately to one of our warehouse locations, where everything is packed so well you would think your items were factory sealed.

Our target market is for those smaller moves, and we don't just cover residential moves, but offer our services for any type of small move. This can include everything from estate moves to going back to college, to our specialized and tailored service for comfortably moving seniors from one location to their next location. In some cases, we can even provide our service for some types of office relocations as well.

We know the quality of our work because we are fully committed to the best possible small movers service in the United States. We felt that it wasn't enough to stop there, so we have also expanded our services to Canada, for anyone that needs their items shipped to our friendly northern neighbors.

Remember you don't have to have us pack your items for you, especially if it's not that much to pack. Our quotes will always cover the different scenarios you can expect so that your moving costs don't have to be a surprise at the end. We also offer expedited services if you need to have a guaranteed delivery date on your goods. The best way to do that is to always check with us sooner than later to make sure that we are able to accommodate you.

What's the catch?

There is no catch. We simply got tired of how this industry was sometimes portrayed and felt that we wanted to do something about it. Once we shifted our mission towards the customer, we felt that we developed a reliable business structure and will continue to provide the highest possible quality services for small moving possible.

We also are Google Guaranteed, which means we abide by a specific code of ethics and have had to pass an extensive background check as well as have our entire operations reviewed and certified. That's why when you ask us to provide you with our services, we make sure to handle everything with a fine touch.

What if I only have a tiny move?

That's ok! We specialize in small moves of all shapes and sizes and even if you only have a few items to move (such as getting back to college or sending some furniture to a friend), we have you covered. We make sure that we have cost-effective offerings, so you don't feel like there's a price gouge happening, and we ensure that we provide the utmost safety and protection for your items through their delivery journey.

What about international moves beyond the United States?

As mentioned earlier, we do cover Canada easily, and in some cases, depending on the location, we can help support an international move as well. That would require you to start chatting with us or use our small move form. If you prefer you can always give us a call as well.

In the end, we know how many other issues are happening concurrently when you are moving. You need to make sure you cancel any local subscription plans or internet. You need to settle up with your utility company and decide which items stay with you or which items go to your closest friends.

You really don't need to have to handle the additional physical and mental headache of planning the logistics around your move. Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions at all, from shipping times to shipping estimates, we're there for you every step of the way.

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