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Small Move Tips - Shipping a Bedroom Set

Shipping Your Bedroom Set

If you are looking to ship your bedroom set, Ship Smart is a perfect choice. We are a small moving company that offers the most economical, efficient and fast furniture shipping services. Furniture plays a vital role in any household. It complements the setting of the house and serves as an attractive feature.

A bedroom set can be very expensive depending on its quality and size. Shipping a set safely can be quite a challenge. The following guide will show you how to safely handle your bedroom furniture for shipping.

Get Everyone Involved

Not every item in the bedroom is necessary. If you have kids, let them sort out their dressers and toy bins to get rid of what they don't need anymore. Clothing that doesn't fit them should be set aside for donation. Remember to label each box so that you know which items belong to who. With everything ready, it is time to calculate the moving costs.

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Shipping companies offer different rates depending on various factors. A full service move normally costs more but it is beneficial because the company manages every step of the process. The volume of your items can also affect the price, but primarily the charges will be based on weight.

Tips to help you pack efficiently.

A bedroom set can be a huge collection of items and each requires good planning and strategy when packing.

  • Bed frames. Unscrew the nuts or screws to dismantle the pieces. Wrap each bed frame using moving blankets and place them in boxes to protect them further. The frames should be placed in a dry place to avoid water damage. Put the screws and nuts in a plastic bag and indicate which piece of furniture they belong to.
  • Mattresses. Use a mattress bag and box to pack and protect your mattresses. If you need one, Ship Smart can provide that at the time of pick up. Just let us know. Depending on the type of mattress you own, finding a suitable package will keep them safe from moisture or sharp objects.
  • Headboard and footboard. Use the appropriate tools to disassemble them and cover them temporarily with a blanket. This will protect the surface from scratches during the process of organizing your house for your move.
  • Cedar chests and any other antiques should be wrapped carefully before being shipped. If you don't feel comfortable handling them, let the experts at Ship Smart do it for you.
  • Dressers. Empty the drawers to make them easy to carry. Pack the contents in a box and secure the drawers to keep them from shifting during transit.

Need help shipping your bedroom set?

Bedroom items are valuable and a reliable small mover will make shipping your bedroom set less stressful and give you complete peace of mind. We know how to protect the varnish on your furniture and ensure that items are delivered in pristine condition. We are confident that you will enjoy our services and you can always call us for a quote.

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