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Downsize and Save Money With A Smaller Move

Moving is stressful and expensive, but there's an easier way to handle the process that can save you a ton of stress and money. Small long-distance moves allow you to get a fresh start by selling the belongings that you have now and replacing them after you're settled into a new place. Before moving all of your large, unneeded and fragile home goods, learn what small moving companies can do for you.

What is a Small Move?

Moving companies define a small move as any move that moves items totaling less than 2,000 pounds in weight. A college dorm room, studio apartment or one-bedroom move are all typical small moves. When you're moving more than one bedroom, your furniture and other belongings will probably weigh more. Once you pass this threshold, you will be charged more money for your move.

Another example of a small move is when someone only needs several items moved because they can't arrange to move those things themself. For example, if you have a washing machine and drier set that you don't want to give up, you could pay small moving companies to move them for you.

Why Small Long Distance Moves Save Money

In addition to weight, distance and the time movers spend loading and unloading your things are factored into the cost. Here are some reasons you can save money by choosing a small move instead of bringing all your possessions.

Rising Gas Prices

Gas prices have risen drastically over the last year, and there's no telling where gas prices will be in another year. Moving companies are being forced to charge more to cover their expenses, making it more expensive to hire a moving company to transport heavy furniture. Many of these companies charge you based on the weight of your items, so having more to move means your bill will be higher.

Moving Fewer Items Causes Less Stress

Moves are stressful, and small moves from state to state save a lot of that stress by reducing the time you spend packing, loading your items and then unpacking when you arrive. In addition, you may need to find a place to store your belongings during your transition, so you have the added stress of finding a storage unit that can accommodate your things in your new state. Limiting what you're going to take with you can save you time and eliminate some of this stress.

Some of Your Things Cost More to Move than They're Worth

If you consider the cost of replacing your furniture against what it's going to cost to move it, you might discover that you can replace those items for less money. Unless you have a lot of sentimental value invested in a piece of furniture, it might be better to buy new furniture once you're settled. This also allows you to get a fresh start and purchase modern furniture or try a new interior design you've never used before.

You Can Make Money to Offset Moving Expenses

One of the benefits of not moving your current furniture is that you can list them on the internet for sale. The money you raise from selling your future can cover other moving expenses and help you get a head start on buying new things.

Small Moving Companies Can Save You Money

Small moving companies offer you several options to make moving more straightforward and less expensive. For example, you can hire moving help that arrives solely to help pack your things and load your truck before completing the move yourself. Other companies provide shipping containers you can load at your own discretion and will deliver the container to your new address for you to unload. If you need some time to unload your container, it can be used as a storage unit for a while as well.

It may also be possible to complete your move by shipping your items instead of moving them. This is where a service like Ship Smart comes in handy. Ship Smart offers assistance with packing and shipping all sorts of things, including fragile items such as artwork, glassware and mirrors. You can enlist as much or little help as you need so that you only pay what you can afford for your move.

Learn more about our process and how we can help you with your move. Use our small move calculator or call (866) 333-8018 and get started planning your small long-distance move today.

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