Happy couple moving to a new home.

Moving Tips For Couples

Avoid Straining Your Relationship While Moving.

May 2019 kicked off a busy summer moving season. According to an article from the census bureau, 35 to 40 million Americans have moved every year since 2015, and 40 million more are expected to move in 2020. People move for a variety of reasons and among the top one is to find a better home.

New jobs equates to people moving, and the same applies for those buying a house again. However big or small your move, it is?stressful and those who are uprooting their current lives, especially romantic couples, may find their relationships strained. In order to avoid breakups, every couple that will be moving should approach moving together and not independently. Above all, communication is key during this time period.

Talk ahead of time.

One person in the relationship may have received a job offer or promotion that entails a relocation. As soon as he or she arrives home, a discussion must happen between partners. From here, the couple can talk about their options and whether a move makes sense.

Informing your partner also benefits them because they won't be caught off guard by the news. Springing such life-changing information on someone unexpectedly will likely lead to more resentment.

If the move?is expected to take place, the couple should discuss the next steps. They need to create a timeline of important dates. Tasks to keep track of include hiring a moving service or a small mover, packing everything, and discarding any items that won't be brought along.

"Communication is key during this time period."

Delegate tasks.

One person should not handle every task in the moving process, because it can get overwhelming. Both partners should have an equal number of undertakings?assigned to them. These can be responsibilities?such as finding shipping quotes or purchasing boxes. As long as both partners are putting in the effort, neither one of them should feel overworked.

Provide updates.

Couples may unexpectedly run into issues. Moving companies may cancel, or the preferred moving date may suddenly become unavailable. While these are hassles that no one wants to deal with, they can be overcome. Partners should always provide updates to one another to avoid any surprises. Take advantage of one of the numerous mobile messaging applications available on smartphones. Each couple will have a preferred method of communication and once it's discovered, they should stick to it.

Balance finances.

If both partners are moving together, they should discuss finances. Ideally, they may want to contribute money equally, however, that may not always be possible. Financial discussions are important because moving can be an expensive undertaking and some sacrifices might have to be made in the interim.

Talk to children.

If you have a family, moving may not sit all too well with them, as they'll have to attend a new school and make new friends. Both parents should talk about these life changes to help children come to terms with leaving their current neighborhood.

In some instances, the communication between families may reveal moving is not in the best interest of the household. It's better to uncover these factors sooner rather than later.

Clean and pack together.

When it comes time to pack, items will surely be discovered that hold little value and are classified as junk. However, one partner may prefer to hold on to these items. Arguments can easily develop from this situation. In this instance, partners may find it beneficial to go through their belongings together and discuss the benefits, if any, of bringing along questionable items.

Whether you have a small move or a large move, moving is a stressful period for couples and families. One person should not handle the process by themselves teamwork is truly needed. During this period, communication is essential to prevent arguments and high levels of stress.

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