A photo of the many sizes and choices of boxes used for moving and shipping.

Use The Right Shipping Boxes

Guide: What Boxes Are A Right Fit For Which Room?

Shipping and moving boxes are not of the same quality as ordinary boxes. Most of them are thicker and stronger to keep household items safe. While most people would rather use boxes from grocery stores, it is always advisable to purchase the right type of boxes. This greatly reduces the chances of broken or damaged items. First, let us take a look at the different sizes of boxes available.

1.5 Cubic Foot Box or The Book Box

These are the smallest in the group and come in handy for carrying small and heavy items. Although the boxes can carry up to a maximum of 60 pounds, be sure to keep the weight below 50 pounds. You can pack items like:

  • Books
  • Heavy Tools
  • DVDs
  • Kitchen Utensils

3.0 Cubic Foot Boxes

This is a medium sized box, and the most versatile of all the moving boxes. This box is ideal for both small and slightly bigger items. It can easily fit items including:

  • Electronics
  • Pots and Pans
  • Miscellaneous Items Off Shelves
  • Small Kitchen Appliances

4.5 cubic foot boxes

The larger the box, the lighter the load. This box can easily support items that are not too heavy such as:

  • Linens
  • Clothing
  • Toys
  • Large Kitchen Appliances

6.0 And Above Cubic Foot Box

It is the largest of the boxes and as tempting as it is to stuff it with lots of items, only use it to carry lighter items for example:

  • Pillows
  • Blankets
  • Cushions
  • Sweaters and Coats

Dish-Pack Box

This is a double walled heavy-duty box and should be used for all breakables like:

  • Plates and Glasses
  • Vases and Small Glass Picture Frames
  • All Glass or Ceramic Items
  • China and Small Antiques

Types of boxes to use for different rooms. Dish-packs For The Kitchen

Kitchen items that are fragile and require a firm box should be packed in these double walled boxes also known as dish barrel. The multi-layer design makes them perfect for shipping breakables like glassware, china, vases, and antiques.

Wardrobe Boxes For The Bedroom

These boxes are constructed to accommodate hanging clothes with ease. You don't have to remove clothes from the hangers, you simply hang them on the metal bar that comes included with the box. For small moves or for shipping clothes use the flat lay-down wardrobe box rather than the stand up one.

Picture Box

If you love artwork and have a lot of pictures, this is the right box to use. They come in three types. The standard mirror box, the two-piece mirror box which adjust in height, and the four-piece mirror box that adjusts in width and height. This offers a lot of flexibility to pack various size pictures. It is also a good fit for mirrors and generally can hold two to three pieces depending on the thickness of the art piece. It is highly advisable to use bubble wrap for extra protection. Higher value picture, mirrors and especially marble tops should always be packed in a crate.

Bankers Box For Office Items

They are easy to carry and perfect for files, or similar documents. They have firm edges and it is easy to assemble them and will keep your office supplies safe during shipping


A small move might not require lots of boxes, but just be sure to use the right size box for the type of items you are packing.

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