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Shipping to a College

This is the beginning of an exciting adventure for your child, and you want the move there to be the least of their concerns. Of course, they will have stuff that they want to take with them, and the first thing that comes to mind is “how am I going to get all this there?” A high percentage of students pick a college that is over 300 miles from their hometown. Getting their items to college can pose a challenge especially if they choose to go out of state. Good preparation and planning will get you off to a good start. Here are some tips to help you ship off to college with less fuss.

Tips For Shipping To Your School

Think vacation when packing.

Prioritize clothing by packing only what is essential during your stay in college. If you plan to come back in between semesters, you can pack clothes specific for the time on year. You might be tempted to pack all your favorite clothes, but chances are, you won't use most of them. To fit more into a little space, roll clothes instead of folding them when packing in a bag or suitcase.

Be smart.

Back-to-school season is a busy time for most shipping companies and you don’t want to find yourself a shipping company last minute. Early booking not only ensures that you save on the cost, but also assures that your shipping company can accommodate your dates. Some colleges even allow early shipping, so you can arrange your items to be delivered before you arrive. If your college doesn’t have that option, you can arrange for delivery the day you arrive by utilizing our guaranteed delivery services.

Choose the appropriate shipping method.

Shipping your items by air can be expensive and cost prohibitive, which is why it is important to plan ahead and give your items enough time to arrive via ground shipping. A small moving company is more cost effective, if you’re shipping a small quantity of furniture and boxes, or even only boxes. It will cost you less and your items will be delivered straight to your college. So remember, if it’s too large for the parcel companies but too small for a moving company, Ship Smart is the right choice.

Tech and other gadgets.

Ship Smart specializes in packing and shipping electronics, so we can pack and ship your computer or television to college safely and on time. However, smaller electronics such as smartphones, laptops, tablets, voice recorders, and chargers should be packed in a backpack or bag that you can easily carry with you. These are essentials that you will want access to and will not want to ship.

Choose the best college mover.

Get cost estimates from reputable companies only, and always get your quote in writing You want your items to arrive on time and in good condition. Consider the following when looking for a company to hire:


  • Their experience. Do they handle college moves? How many a year? Check them out online.
  • The type of services they offer such as full-service packaging, curbside or full-service delivery.
  • Their reputation. Ensure that they are licensed and bonded with the Department of Transportation.


  • Pack your jewelry and expensive watches.
  • Pack dirty laundry. The last thing you want to worry about is doing laundry instead of setting up your dorm.
  • Use overly large suitcases. There might not be sufficient room in the dorms to store the suitcases. Pack in collapsible boxes or fold-able or duffle bags.

Choose the best college mover.

We offer door to door pick-up and delivery and you don’t have to worry about picking up your goods at a hub several miles from campus. Shipping your personal belongings is never easy. With our simple step-by-step booking process, tracking system and dedicated customer support person, you receive services at budget-friendly prices. Getting to college is an exciting process, let us worry about the logistics of your move.

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