A view of the Phoenix skyline.

Reasons To Visit Phoenix

Seven Reasons To Visit Phoenix

You probably have heard stories about the dry and harsh weather conditions in Phoenix, Arizona. You may picture yourself hot, covered in sweat, and think to yourself, 'why would I visit Phoenix?' In this post, we demystify the myths and reveal the hidden beauty of Phoenix. After reading this article you will want to pack up and start your trip immediately!

Here is why you will love Phoenix.

1. Hiking Expeditions

The desert landscape will fill your camera with awesome pictures. The Camelback Mountain offers the perfect trail for hiking. Outdoor lovers will enjoy the red rocks and discover the different species of cacti and wildflowers in the Sonoran Desert. Consider hiring a guide to show you around. They will teach you techniques to survive in the heat and educate you in famous landmarks.

2. Papago Park

Located just a few miles outside of downtown Phoenix, Papago Park is an oasis in the middle of a desert. The most distinguished feature is the Hole in the Rock, a must see! Explore the park and get an amazing view of the Phoenix skyline. For more information about Papago Park.

3. Lively Nightlife

Apart from the casinos and nightclubs, Phoenix offers an experience like no other at night. Did you know that the first weekend of every month, residents hold a festival of food, art, and music known as First Fridays? Yes, the food and nightlife are wonderful, however the night sky in the Sonoran Desert is a spectacular sight to see. Take a guided tour to enjoy the moon rise above the desert or take the flashlight tours of the botanical gardens.

4. Great Deals

Summer vacations are ridiculously cheap and you can save up to 60 percent in various luxury resorts around town. Choose the best hotels in Phoenix and discover what deals they have to offer. You can cool off in any of several rivers and lakes. Rent a kayak or go fishing for the day then enjoy your dinner on your balcony overlooking the amazing desert landscape.

5. The Zoo

Get ready to see animals that you've never seen before. The Phoenix zoo offers a display of exotic, local animals whose appearance is a direct result of having to cope with the harsh desert climate. There is a beautiful restaurant, Dillon's, where you can watch sharks while you enjoy your meals! With more than 150 different species of animals, this is an attraction you won't want to miss.

6. The Grand Canyon

Don't leave Phoenix without visiting the canyon. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site and its sheer size, and the magnificent views will leave you awe struck. There are flights over the canyon from Tusayan for an aerial view of the National Park. If you have time, and are adventurous hike down to the canyon floor, but for most folks driving or strolling around the rim and stopping at one of the many look outs is enough to take your breath away.

7. A Safe Place To Visit

Phoenix is hot, yes. However, there are no tornadoes, floods, killer earthquakes or hurricanes. Flash floods are an extremely rare phenomenon and sometimes the strong winds can whip up dust and create a spare the air day, but there are no major risks or concerns to plan your trip around.

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