A photo of the San Francisco skyline.

Reasons To Ship To San Francisco

With numerous steep rolling hills, beautiful landmarks, and great bays, San Francisco is a luring city that attracts millions of tourists each year. There is a lot the city has to offer thanks to its diverse culture, micro-climates, amazing scenery and mouthwatering food. You can't run out of ideas or places to visit in this city.

There are many challenges you can face trying to ship items to San Francisco, but with an experienced shipping company you should expect a smooth process.

1. Climate

Due to its topography, you may find that each neighborhood experiences different weather conditions. With cool dry summers and mild winters, many people chose San Francisco as a final destination based on the temperate climate. Unlike many other U.S. cities, you can ship to San Francisco without the fear of weather delays.

2. Road Networks and Great Public Transportation

The delivery options in San Francisco are convenient and efficient thanks to the established and well-maintained roads. We do recommend the full service delivery option rather than a curbside delivery due to some narrow streets and often times three or four floor walk ups. Whether your items are shipped by land, sea or air, you can expect a smooth and timely delivery. Every suburb is easily accessible with one of the best public transportation systems of any city in the U.S.

3. The Industrial Parks

Various Industrial Parks throughout the San Francisco Bay Area combine to form one of the largest industrial areas in California. Since there are so many local manufacturers, shipping is a major industry and the need for local shipping companies is a necessity. While other companies may be expensive, a small packing and shipping company like Ship Smart utilizes new product packing and shipping methods to buy available space at steeply discounted rates. This shipping strategy allows for an affordable way to ship items with a total weight of less than 2000 pounds.

4. Cost

We have a large state-of-the-art warehouse located in the heart of San Francisco and, based on our volume, offer the most competitive rates shipping into the city. Once your shipment arrives, we have our experienced drivers and staff process and deliver your items. If you're new to the area and looking for a place to live, you may not have a delivery address. This nothing new to us, simply mark ?to be announced? as your delivery address and we will store your items until you find a place. We can handle it all at a very affordable price.

5. The Amazing Neighborhoods

A quick search for 'housing in San Francisco' gives you a peek into one of the country's most expensive rental and home prices. When you think of the Marina, the Tenderloin, Potrero Hill or the Castro, you can understand why the cost of living is so high. But as they say, ?you get what you pay for?, and you most certainly do in these amazing neighborhoods! Come discover what the city has to offer.

Useful Tip

Before shipping to San Francisco or the surrounding Bay Area, it is important to understand factors such as budget, the experience of the company you choose to handle your move and the type of services they offer. At Ship Smart, we provide you with free access to shipping rates, expert packaging and full service delivery. Our experts will answer any questions you have and make the process easy for you.

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