A view of the Seattle sky line and Space Needle.

Reasons To Ship To or From Seattle

Six Reasons To Ship To or From Seattle

Seattle is home to some of the most stunning scenery in the U.S. The city is surrounded by mountains and long bodies of water, so it is no wonder several Fortune 500 companies have their headquarters here. For helpful information and resources when planning to move to Seattle visit the Seattle Chamber of Commerce.

If you are planning to ship your belongings to Seattle, you must be having a thousand questions and wonder where to start. Well, in this article, we give you six reasons to ship to Seattle.

Reliable Transport Network

Seattle is a seaport city making it a destination for people from all over the world and U.S. Therefore, Seattle has one of the best roads and transport networks in the country, so you can be assured your shipment will be reliably scheduled for on time pick-up and delivery, and easily expedited if need be. You will need an experienced shipping company that knows the area well and is well versed in navigating the city. With warehouses located in and around the Seattle area, Ship Smart is well established and experienced in traveling around the Seattle metro area. Depending on the route, Ship Smart can easily determine how soon your items will be delivered to your destination. Simply call us and ask!

Temperate Weather

You can ship an item all year round. Despite the rainy and overcast conditions in Seattle, the weather is not extreme. In fact, you can still see people jogging and cycling throughout the winter. If you are shipping furniture and/or boxes to your new apartment or house, you will be glad to know that it is convenient to ship at any time of the year due to the temperate weather conditions.

Time Specific Pick Up and Deliveries

When you do a small move, all pick-ups and deliveries are by appointment and date specific with a two-hour window. Sometimes, the process does not go according to plan due to some unavoidable circumstances such as weather conditions or trucks getting too full, too fast. When this happens, you want a company that is well equipped to remedy the situation quickly. Ship Smart has offices and warehouses in Seattle and the surrounding area where we can dispatch trucks to keep your appointment running on time.

Professional Packaging Services

The safety of your shipment is determined by how well it is packaged. A small moving company like Ship Smart uses high-quality packing materials such a s double wall cardboard, bubble wrap, thick foam and even crates to pack and ship items of any size or shape safely. In Seattle our professionally trained staff will ensure top quality packing, so If you want a few items transported you can be assured you have chosen the right company.


With an insured shipping company, like Ship Smart, delicate items such as antiques, and artwork can be packaged and delivered safely. We specialize in high value and fragile items, so you can relax knowing that your items are in safe hands and fully insured.


You need a company that offers flexible services. Not all companies allow you to choose a variety of delivery options. With us, you can either fast track or defer delivery of your shipment. Our Seattle warehouses offer storage at reasonable costs so we can hold your shipment until you are ready for delivery.

What To Expect

Stay ahead of the pack by taking advantage of Ship Smart's extensive global network. We help create an efficient working environment to increase productivity while reducing costs. With high quality crating and packing services, you can expect a smooth process.

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