A stack of shipping pallets.

5 Risks To Avoid When Shipping Pallets

You have several large or oddly shaped items that need to be sent from your small corner of the world to another small corner of the world ? it certainly seems straight forward enough. Collect your items, select a pallet, wrap it up, select a vendor to deliver the crate. The process surely seems simple and foolproof, right?
Very, very wrong.

...and if you are not careful, you could find yourself with damaged goods, thousands of dollars in lost value, and potential fines or lawsuits.

While the basic concept of shipping pallets by freight might appear unassuming, the reality can be much more complicated and costly. Far from being as simple as sticking a First-Class stamp on a letter and sending your parcel off to its destination, the amount of logistics and red tape required for pallet shipping can be daunting. Here are five ways shipping by pallet without professional assistance can cause you heartache and financial misery:

1. Choosing the Wrong Pallet. Not all pallets are built the same, and differing material or sizes can impact the safety of your cargo. Choose the wrong material for the job, and the pallet can skid around and damage itself and other items in the shipment ? leaving you financially vulnerable. Choose the wrong size and your entire shipment can be destroyed or fall apart when moved via forklift.

2. Being Insecure. Literally. Whether it is choosing the wrong shrink wrap or ratchet straps for the job, gathering items too loosely on the pallet, or failing to do enough laps around the shipment during the final packing phase, a single lapse in judgment can destroy the entire shipment.

3. Inexperienced Stacking. Just because it makes a level line, doesn't mean it is properly packaged. Creating a pallet that is off balanced in any way, shape, or form can lead to disaster for the entire cargo container. Top or side heavy pallets are one of the largest causes of damage, and if you are doing the packaging yourself, you are liable for the damages you incur on your items, the other items in the shipment, and damage to the cargo vessel.

4. Not Using a Crush Cone. Chances are you've never heard the term before, and that could spell disaster for your shipment. A crush cone is utilized to identify your shipment as not being suitable to have anything placed on top. Shipping a pallet full of dishes and don't use a crush cone? Your pallet will arrive in pieces and you will have no one to blame but yourself.

5. Missing Critical Paperwork.

There is a lot of red tape when it comes to shipping via pallet, and if you miss a single document, you can find yourself in a world of hefty fines, confiscated property, and potential lawsuits.

In the long run, while it might seem simple and straight forward to ship a pallet of cargo on your own, it is almost always better to work with a professional and erase not only the huge amount of stress that comes with skid shipping, but the financial and legal risks. The easiest way to avoid these pitfalls is to work with a professional organization that specializes in the work ? saving you misery and money.

To us, that sounds like a much better plan. So give us a call or get an estimate online.

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