Shipping boxes filled with dishes, appliances, and furniure needing to be shipped.

Packing Up Your Kitchen

The kitchen is usually one of the last rooms to be packed during a move. With a lot of small utensils in every drawer and a ton of other items, one can easily feel overwhelmed. Many of the items are fragile so to pack them safely you cannot be in a rush. At Ship Smart, we can pack and ship your kitchen items and ensure safe delivery. If you want to do it yourself, the following guide will make the process simple for you.

First things first

Food should be used up before the moving date to avoid waste. Plan how you will use all up all the food in the fridge before you begin packing. Canned food that is unopened can be packed in a small box and sealed properly, but it's best if you avoid shipping food all together as you will be for the weight of these items which most likely will exceed the value.

You will need essential items

In a separate box or bag, pack a few utensils you will need the first week when you move. Don't forget to pack knifes, spoons, plates, mugs, and dishes for each family member. Additionally, you may need a coffee maker, dish soap, and dish towels.


Some small kitchen appliances can be dismantled into smaller parts. Make sure to clean and dry them before you start packing. Use their original packages where possible. Alternatively, wrap each part using bubble wrap and packing paper. Put the main appliance in the box first, followed by the other smaller pieces on top. Make sure you have the user manual to help you assemble the pieces back together.

Fragile dishes

Place foam or bubble wrap in between the dishes to prevent chipping during shipping. Pack them vertically like you would in the dish rack. You could also use towels to wrap them before packing them. Stuff packing paper to fill gaps to eliminate movement of the plates transportation.

Cookware, pans, and pots

Find large boxes that can easily accommodate your cookware. Take off the lids and wrap them separately before placing them on the sides of the pots and pans. Wrap each item with plenty of packing paper and place them in boxes lined with towels or packing paper. To avoid the items from shifting during shipping, use boxes of the right size and use packing paper to fill in the gaps.


Sharp knives should be carefully wrapped or put into their holders. Cutlery should be packed in the same box. Since most of them are small items, bundle them and use plastic wrap and packing paper to keep them together. Pack items in order of their weight. Don't put light items at the bottom and heavy items at the top.

Final Steps

If your shipping your refrigerator be sure to clean it thoroughly for us to pack and ship it. Use cling wrap to seal containers before packing them into boxes to prevent sugar, salt, and other food items from spilling out. Leave the large appliances to be handled by Ship Smart. We have the right equipment for the job. Remember to label the boxes so that you know where to find specific items.

The key to packing Kitchen items is to make sure there are no gaps in the boxes and they are packed tight for stacking. With our packing and shipping services, you can sit back and relax as we do everything for you.

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