A photo showing clothing to be packed for shipping.

Packing Up Your Clothes

Packing and Shipping Your Clothes

Most of us have massive closets full of clothes. For them to be shipped, you have to organize them, pack them, and label the boxes appropriately so the delivery the crew can place them in the correct room. Luckily, clothes are not fragile and can be moved around without fear of breaking them.

The only issue when it comes to packing clothes is the creases. Just imagine taking your clothes from the hangers and folding them one by one. Do you feel like giving up already? In this article we share a few tricks and tips that will make it possible to pack without breaking a sweat.

With larger moves, you can pack your hanging clothes in wardrobe boxes, however for small moves you should fold these clothes and pack them in a regular moving boxes to save space.

Part 1. Preparing your clothes for packing.

Step 1. Get organized.

This is a tedious task and can take time to organize your clothes in a way that will simplify things at the time of delivery. The easiest way is to pack things the way they are stored in your bedroom. Pack all of your hanging clothes together in several boxes and consolidate several of your dresser drawers together in boxes labeled with the appropriate drawers. Plan ahead so that you have plenty of time to prepare. Whether it is a small move or a big one, good planning will keep you on top of things.

Step 2. Do laundry.

Wash all your clothes before packing them into medium or large moving cartons. Stained or dirty clothes may cause a mess, so if you decide to pack dirty clothes, put them together in one box so you don't have to wash everything when you arrive at your destination.

Step 3. Declutter

With your clothes clean and dry, start sorting them out. You might be surprised by the number of clothes you haven't worn in years. If they don't fit you anymore, or are out of fashion, consider making a donation. Ripped and worn out clothes should be thrown out or used as rags to clean the house, room or apartment you are moving out of. There is no reason to pay for extra weight for clothes you will no longer wear.

Step 4. Set aside a few clothes to use before you unpack.

It might take you days or even weeks before you finish unpacking, in addition to the transportation time, so having plenty of clothes packed to take with you will come in handy. Don't forget pajamas, underwear and several pairs of socks.

Part 2. How to group and pack your clothes.
  • This is the time to categorize your clothes. Out of season clothes should be packed in one box. These are items you won't be using anytime soon and they should be packed separately. This way, you won't have to unpack them until the time you need them.
  • Ship Smart can provide lay-down wardrobe boxes for your small move. These save space over stand-up wardrobe boxes, and can easily carry hanging clothes. You will have to fold most of your hanging clothes at least once, but it is much better than folding them several times to place in a standard moving carton.
  • As mentioned previously grouping clothes by closet, dressers etc. is a great way to stay organized for unpacking.
  • Instead of folding clothes, you can roll them and use suitcases or boxes for packing. Clothes can be heavy, and the suitcase can make it easy to transport them and stay organized. Rolling clothes utilizes space and if you prefer boxes, use medium or large moving boxes.

Always ask for help.

You really never know what you own until you plan to move. Don't hesitate to ask us for help in packing any of your personal items. We hope this guide will help make the process of packing your clothes simple and smooth. Remember to label everything to make unpacking easy.

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