A photo of the Manhattan.

9 Reasons To Move To Manhattan

Manhattan, or simply, 'The City', is strategically located between the East River and the Hudson River. The most coveted place among the other boroughs in NY, it remains the greatest city of all time. If there is one place you can completely transform your life, it is Manhattan.

If you're thinking about moving to Manhattan, Ship Smart is here to help. Here are some reasons you might want to consider when choosing to move to Manhattan.

So, What Makes Manhattan Great?

1. Green Space In The Middle Of The City

If you want a quiet place to cool off, the public parks are a welcome relief. They are well maintained and lush all year round. Not only do you get to enjoy nature walks but you can explore the many fascinating activities along the way including movie screenings.

2. The Manhattan Skyline

Climb to the top of the Strand Hotel for rooftop drinks and delight in the view of midtown lifestyle. You can access some of the tallest buildings in the U.S. to take in the beauty of the city.

3. Lots Of Fun

Regardless of your interest, you can find any entertainment here. The city at night becomes alive with a colorful display of lights. Movie houses, theaters, restaurants and night clubs are within walking distance, and If you're into sports, Manhattan has modern facilities to play any kind of sports you can think of.

4. Cuisine Is Superb

Manhattan is one of the cities with the most diverse cuisines in the nation. You will be spoiled with many choices of every type of food you'd. Depending on which side of the city you're located, food prices can vary significantly, but the variety is never lacking in choice.

5. Friendly People

The people who live in Manhattan are friendly and love to give helpful advice about their city. Once you move to Manhattan you will begin to truly appreciate their attitude and behavior. Just ask for anything, and the locals will be more than thrilled to help you out.

6. Transport is Streamlined

Over 80% of the population in Manhattan (the highest in the U.S.) use public transport. The subway is faster, and you can get to a meeting in minutes. There are boat taxis for a more leisurely and refreshing ride. Other means of transportation include bus rides, renting a car or taking an Uber.

7. Career Opportunities

Manhattan is home to many internationally recognized businesses in the world. You can land your dream job and adapt to the new lifestyle quickly. The big population creates a huge demand for all sorts of services and business ideas. Although at first it may take you by surprise, you will get used to, and enjoy the quick pace of life here.

8. Fashionistas

If you love fashion and shopping, there is Fashion Avenue to explore the trending world of clothe designers. There is all the newest fashion available, and feel to wear your own variation of an outfit without strange looks from passers-by.

9. There's So Much Energy

It's as if life is moving faster in Manhattan. People are always rushing, traffic is crazy, and loud conversations fill the air. Comedy clubs are another unique feature of Manhattan. They're plentifully dotting the landscape and superstars regularly frequent specific clubs to work on new material. Only in New York!

Before making a major life change such as relocating to a big city like Manhattan, weigh your options and consider every possible outcome. Ship Smart is here to help you relocate without stress. Our flexibility and familiarity with the city ensure your transition is fast and easy.

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