Moving expensive musical instruments.

Moving Expensive Items

Moving Expensive Items

If you have spent any amount of time playing musical instruments, then you know how strong the bond is that develops between a player and their instruments. Some of these instruments are very expensive and irreplaceable. CNN Reported Virtuoso Angela Hewitt lost her rare Fazioli F278 piano and stated that she was so upset by the incident, it took 10 days before she could share her experience. ?It was my best friend...? Fazioli said. The moving company they used was a good moving company, how could this have happened? In this blog post we explore some possibilities.

Why do I need to hire a professional packer and shipper to move my instruments?

Many have wondered why not use a mover for my expensive items? The main reason for hiring a professional shipper is that many household movers do not have adequate training or equipment to properly pack your expensive items.

Are all high value shippers equal?

The level of quality for each company varies and is proportional to their experience with specific instruments and high value goods. If the company has never moved a harp, then they will not know how to crate it. Harps are awkward and require specific packing requirements. With over 20 years experience at packing and shipping high-value, delicate, and fragile goods Ship Smart has a success rate you are looking for in a high-value shipper.

When Ship Smart moved Les Paul's solid state guitars from their home cross country to the Discovery World Museum in Wisconsin, they trusted Ship Smart to get the job done. The process is super-simple and the move was a complete success.

Not everyone has a multi-million dollar musical equipment move, but from one musician to another, Ship Smart will treat your items like they are high-value goods. Ship Smart has the same process for all of their small moves. Pack it right and ship it with the best companies.

Ship Smart has moved numerous high-value shipments. For the safest choice, you can count on them to treat your instruments and high value items with the respect they deserve. If you are shipping harps, violins, guitars, tubas, upright pianos across the United States, or internationally no one can make it as simple and safe as Ship Smart.

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