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How To Ship Your Valuables

When your shipment involves high-value items, you need more than just an ordinary shipping company. Most of these items are fragile and require special attention and care. You need a specialty service that caters to the specific solutions of your unique shipment: Packing, crating and even specialized transportation. We understand your worries and we can assure you that the services we offer are the best in the small move industry. Whether you are shipping antiques, fine art, heirlooms, or sculptures, our expertise will help put your fears at ease.

Here are the steps we take to make shipping your high value items less stressful.

1. Packing

With high value items your number one concern is that they arrive in good condition. Packaging plays a critical role in ensuring the safety and security of your shipment. Consider using high-quality crates instead of boxes for your high value possessions. As part of our services we provide custom crating which includes wrapping and surrounding items in foam before packing them in a 2? foam-lined full-wood crates. Remember, it is your responsibility to verify that the items are in good condition before handing them over to a shipping company and making sure their condition is noted as such on the origin inventory. This will ensure that if your items arrive in a different condition than they left your possession, there is a paper trial noting any existing damage.

2. Paperwork

We will list every item you intend to ship including the weight, dimensions, quantity and value. Not only will they be listed on the customer contract, but they will also be listed on the origin inventory. This document, also known as the household goods descriptive inventory, is key to noting the condition of your items at pick up for insurance purposes. We will fill this document out in detail to make sure you are covered in full for any damage or loss. At the destination, this form will be reviewed with you, by our crew, to ensure your shipment is in the same condition as when it left your possession at pick-up. No matter what company you chose to move your high value items, make sure that any damages are noted on the inventory at the time of delivery.

3. Insurance

Shipping high-value items without insurance is not recommended. No matter how well you package the items, accidents can happen. Without proper insurance, you take on the liability of any loss and damage at what could be a significant financial loss. While our loss and damage ratio is less than 2%, we always recommend taking out full replacement value insurance on your high value shipment. Ship Smart has worked with our cargo insurance carrier for 20 years, so you can be assured that your items will be full covered. Talk to our agents today and discuss all of our insurance options in detail.

4. Mode of Delivery

Typically, all high value shipments require a full service move in and inspection to ensure a safe arrival. Remember, the paper trail is well documented, and we want to be 100% sure no damage or loss has occurred to your shipment. Additionally, we may determine that expediting the shipment to limit handling may be appropriate.

5. Advanced Services

Most people won't feel safe until the items are delivered. To keep your fears at bay, we offer tracking services for all shipments including a dedicated customer support person. This comes at no additional costs and you get regular updates on the progress of your shipment. Communication is important, and our goal is to keep you updated throughout the shipping process.

If you're moving high dollar items, you can only trust an internationally renown small shipping company. With a responsible professional crew, a proven track record and a good reputation, you can count on us. Consult with our experts for advice and recommendations on the best approach. Our network enables us to ensure a seamless delivery anytime, no matter the destination. Certain precautions must be followed when shipping high value items. And you can rest assured that we're the company for you!

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