A daughter, happy that her retired mother moved closer to her.

Moving an Elderly Parent

Moving Guide: Moving Your Mother

An elderly parent leaving a home filled with memories, can be emotional and very stressful. There are logistical issues to figure out, such as when the move is most convenient for them or how long they can be without necessary possessions. Senior moves can be overwhelming, and whether you are moving your loved ones nearby or to another state, Ship Smart is here to make the process simple and worry free.

6 Guidelines For Relocation

These 6 guidelines and suggestions will help make the process as seamless as possible.

1. Communication Is Critical

This is going to be a big change for your elderly mother and talking about it openly might help her prepare for the new life. Explain why you feel it is important to move her away from a place she has called home and what she should expect. It is also crucial that you give her time to comprehend what's to come. This is a family matter, and everyone should be onboard in making decisions.

2. Good Planning

After you come to a conclusion and your mother agrees to move, you need to make packing arrangements. This is a physical activity that only you and fellow family members can handle on her behalf. Ask her if there are specific items that she cherishes most, what she wants to keep and what can be discarded. Remember, this is not your move and you should not impose what you think is good for her, however cleaning out unwanted items will help reduce the moving costs.

3. Find A New Doctor

Let's not deny the fact that old age has its challenges. Healthcare should be a top priority when relocating your elderly and loved mother. Notify her current doctor of the planned relocation and get recommendations about a good doctor in the new city. Schedule an appointment as soon as she's settled, and make sure you have filled all prescriptions prior to moving. A referral to a good doctor is best, however there are resources that can assist you in finding a good doctor in your new area.

4. There Is Work Still To Be Done After The Move

The current house most likely needs cleaning and repair. Whether you are going to sell or rent it out, it needs to be in good condition, and doing all the maintenance while the house is empty makes the job easier especially for larger projects and renovations. Also, make sure to take care of all pending bills, and disconnect the utilities.

5. Timing

It is time to plan for the big day. Hiring a specialized small mover like Ship Smart is the best option. Everything will be in the hands of professionals and your mom's belongings will be handled with the utmost care, and a two-hour window for pick-up and delivery makes moving out and in smooth and easy. Consider arranging for a plane ticket for your mother since she may not be able to endure a sustained interstate or cross-country drive. Shipping furniture and other household goods will be easier for everyone involved if managed by our experts.

6. Setting Up The New Home

To make it easier for your mom to adapt to the new surroundings, it might be helpful to keep some of her original furniture and belongings arranged in a way she was accustomed to. This is not necessary for all the rooms. Maybe, just the bedroom or living room to make her feel more at home. A familiar environment will keep her relaxed and reduce anxiety.

Last But Not Least

Now that the hardest part has progressed without complications, remember you need to prep the new home accordingly. Several adjustments like investing in a walk-in bathtub with safety , and changing out light switches for those that automatically turn on and off should be made in advance to ease her settling in to home sweet home.

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