A small apartment with just a few belongings.

How To Ship An Apartment

Shipping An Efficiency Apartment

The rising rates for rental apartments in the U.S. forces many professionals to look for affordable living spaces in city centers. An efficiency apartment is ideal if you are on a tight budget or you don't spend much of your time in the house. Due to its size, there is limited room for furnishing with large appliances or furniture, making the ideal size job for a small move specialist like us!

Shipping furniture and personal effects to or from an efficiency apartment is not to be taken lightly. The limited space makes it difficult to maneuver delicate pieces of furniture, such as glass tables. You need professionals like Ship Smart who have more than 20 years of experience in managing small moves.

Top 4 Tips To Help You Prepare To Ship


First, find some good boxes to pack up your items. Start with places like the Home Depot or any storage facility like Extra Space to find affordable boxes. Be sure to verify their durability as you don't want your items to get damaged. We recommend double wall cardboard corrugated boxes for fragile items.


After you pack, label each box based on the contents inside as well as the room it was in. It will make your work easier at the destination and will let the Ship Smart crew know which boxes contain fragile items. Labeling reduces your time when settling into your new apartment since the boxes will be placed in the correct rooms and you can determine which boxes are most critical to unpack first. Always remember to write your name and address on each box.

Use Quality Packing Materials

Moving an item from one point to another can result in damages. This calls for quality packing materials such as bubble wrap, stretch wrap and pieces of foam for the more fragile items. You may also consider using towels to wrap breakables such as glassware and picture frames. These items serve as an extra layer of protection and will also eliminate the total number of boxes you will need.

Be Organized.

Create and stick to a schedule. Remember, your items will be shipped to your new place and you need to be ready on moving day. Clean out the closet, furniture, and other appliances before they are shipped. This way, you won't have the extra work of cleaning while you arrange them in your new home or apartment.

Factors to consider before you ship your efficiency apartment.

An efficiency apartment can only hold a few items. This means that you might be tempted to try to move your furniture or personal effects by yourself. However, you should take into account the possibility of your items being damaged and lost. High-value items should be handled with care. With a professional small mover like Ship Smart, you don't have to be stressed about the safety of your possessions. Delivery is prompt and damage-free, and often times for less than it would cost to do-it-yourself!

Compare the Shipping Rates

Before your small load of furniture and/or personal effects are shipped, ensure your delivery address is accurate. You don't want your shipping company to attempt a delivery to a different part of town just because you entered the zip code incorrectly. Double check your address and the address you have labeled your boxes with to make sure all is in order on your end.

Choose A Reliable Shipping Company

Request estimates from several reliable shipping companies for comparison, and always get your quote in writing. If you have a some personal belongings or a few pieces of furniture to ship, your costs will be lower with a small move company like Ship Smart, versus a traditional blanket wrap mover. We understand you want to get the best bargain and with multiple estimates, you can select the most affordable and reputable company out there. We're confident you will choose us.

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