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How to Ship a Studio

Whether you're upgrading to a one bedroom apartment or you're moving to another studio in a different city, you need a small moving company because a studio apartment rarely has enough to meet conventional moving company minimums. Any shipment that falls under the standard 2000-lbs minimum is considered a small move. Unlike larger moves, packing and shipping furniture and personal effects from your studio can be complicated. However, with our top-rated experts and customized services, the process doesn’t have to be stressful. Ship Smart will help ship your items with minimal stress.

Best ways to ship a studio

Consider the cost and services

When looking for a shipping company, look for the type and variety of services they offer. While some companies offer to pack and ship your items, others only offer the shipping portion. While the ship only costs look appealing, how are you going to pack your furniture for safe shipping? Discuss the details of your shipment with a Ship Smart agent to receive professional guidance on how the packing and shipping process will work from start to finish.

Be a minimalist

By downsizing and selling some of your household items and furniture, you decrease the cost when moving with a small move specialist like Ship Smart as we do not have  any minimum weight requirements. If you have clothing or other items you have not used for months, you probably do not need them anyway. Furniture takes most of the space and accounts for most of the weight in a majority of small moves, so again by selling some items you can greatly reduce the cost of shipping.

Hire professionals

There are times when items do get lost or damaged during transit. Our loss/damage ratio is less than 2%. That means 98% of the thousands of shipments we handle per year arrive without incident. Our white glove services come highly recommended by our former and current customer base. We will professionally pack up all your belongings for you and even crate the more fragile items if necessary. Strict protocols are followed to ensure that everything from boxes and household furniture to expensive and delicate items get to their destination intact. Hire the professionals; hire Ship Smart.

Your availability

Pick a date you are sure you'll be ready and free to meet the crew. While you can have an agent present for you, your presence simplifies the process and ensures that none of your items get left behind. Clear your calendar and enjoy the flexibility of not worrying about missing or being late to an event. Take the stress out of your pick-up day. Do the same on the day of delivery. Clear that calendar!

How to find the ideal shipping company

The difference between big moving companies and small movers is affordability and efficiency. If you have fewer items (as is the case with a studio tenant), hiring a truck and doing it yourself will cost you more than shipping with Ship Smart. We specialize in shipping furniture, antiques, electronics and household goods  and will minimize your costs and streamline your move.

There are two main factors you should consider when looking for a reliable small moving company:

  • They should be licensed and bonded with the Department of Transportation. Handling your precious possessions should not be left to unregulated movers. A licensed company is required to carry all of the appropriate workman’s compensation and liability insurance coverage.
  • The type of insurance offered. Make sure you verify if the shipping company provides adequate insurance coverage for your shipment. This protects you from incurring a financial loss in case of damage or loss to your items. Ship Smart offers full replacement value coverage for any amount. With reasonable deductibles and reasonable pricing, you can rest assured your items will be fully covered during transportation.

On the Way Out

The same way you expect to arrive at a clean and damage free studio at destination, don't leave yours in a bad state. Clean it thoroughly and fix minor repairs to avoid possible penalties on your deposit from your landlord. If you are planning to ship a studio in the near future, start making early plans now. Set clear goals with achievable results. Contact us today and we’ll guide you from start to finish.

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