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From my experience, moving can be chaotic, stressful, and difficult for even a well-functioning family to handle. No one likes having to pack up all their things and get them to some place new, especially when the moving company charges you way beyond your estimate, doesn't deliver on time, or breaks your valuable items. I have multiple friends and family who have had bad experiences with moving companies. Although moving often seems bound for chaos, with a qualified shipping company like Ship Smart, I can assure you that it will be much, much easier.

Ship Smart specializes in shipping furniture, artwork, electronics, and doing small moves. If you have valuables you want to ensure stay protected through your move, Ship Smart is the right moving company for you. The good thing about hiring Ship Smart workers rather than doing it all yourself is that the moving company will be entirely responsible for replacing any broken items, although, with Ship Smart it is unlikely that anything will break. Their workers are dedicated to customer satisfaction, including respectfulness to you and your possessions. The reason Ship Smart is such a reliable moving company is that their process was developed and improved over the course of 19 years. Their excellent moving procedures guarantee you a safe move. Yet, Ship Smart will alter their well-designed process to your needs if you have specific requests. The movers are determined to help you the most, so they will be flexible to adjust to what you desire.

The process starts with getting an estimate. Using the 24/7 online estimate calculator, you can conveniently get your estimated pricing anytime. You can also call in to Ship Smart and receive your estimate from one of the friendly office workers, who will help you through your entire moving process. After receiving your estimate, you can conveniently schedule your pickup in a two to four hour slot, Monday-Friday. If you need to schedule a pickup as soon as possible, you can call in and check availability. It is sometimes possible to have your items picked up the same day you get your estimate. Since Ship Smart's number one goal is meeting the customer's needs, they occasionally will be available to pick up your items on Saturdays if that is the most convenient day for you. After they pick up the items, they take them to the Ship Smart warehouse where the workers professionally package them, ensuring they safely survive the move. They then send the items with a reliable truck driver to your drop-off destination where the workers carefully unpack your items by the guaranteed delivery date. The workers treat your items as respectfully as they treat you- they want you to have peace of mind and know your possessions are in the right hands.

To many people, this may sound like just another reasonable moving experience that all moving companies would provide. But that's just not the case. Ship Smart has the lowest rate of item damage and loss, making it among the best of moving companies. Although many companies try to replicate what Ship Smart companies have done, most small-move moving companies do not package items well, but simply wrap them in blankets, and 'call it good enough'. Ship Smart is so much more reliable than these companies because they package your items just as if you ordered them for the first time. That is why Ship Smart's percentage of loss or damage is so much lower than other moving companies. Some might wonder if it's better to just handle the move themselves, cause it'd be much cheaper right? But when you add in all costs, it's actually not. If you were to do the moving by yourself, you would have to take the time off work, hire a truck driver or rent your own big vehicle, pay for gasoline, buy your own packaging material or settle for using blankets, and many more stressful moving price factors. When you hire Ship Smart to move you, the deal will include the truck rental, gas, any temporary storage, boxes, and other packing materials. With all this added in, it is surprisingly cheaper to have Ship Smart do the work for you!

If you have a hard time believing how excellent Ship Smart's customer service really is, all you have to do is read the customer testimonials. The customers of Ship Smart were extremely satisfied with their experience. Ship Smart has a five-star rating from Trustpilot along with many comments showing the customers' satisfaction. Customers thankfully verify Ship Smart's efficiency for small moves across the country and recommend it to others. Many comments congratulated the company's timeliness and flexibility. One customer noted that the items were not only on time, but were earlier than expected! Many customers also noted the workers' politeness and respectfulness. Ship Smart claims to have great customer service, and the customers support their claim. One person specifically mentioned the helpfulness of the office managers they talked on the phone with. Customers continually mention in the comments how easy unpacking was after the delivery, yet how safely it all was packed. Ship Smart makes your move easy and worry free. Customers say the company did all that they promised, without short-cutting in any way. One of the most outstanding comments was this, 'The Better Business Beurea processed 10,892 complaints in 2000. OUT OF ALL THOSE COMPLAINTS, YOUR COMPANY RECIEVED NONE. Congratulations on your success!' (D. Patrick Wallace, President Better Business Beurea). Overall, The Ship Smart moving company proved to be the most reliable option for small moves because the customers have all been satisfied with their moving experience. If you are moving valuable items you want to ensure stay safe, consider Ship Smart. They specialize in being able to keep breakables unbroken. They're experts at packing instruments, servers, computers, electronic devices, artwork, statues, paintings, antique clocks, antique cabinets, and other hard-to-move furniture. If you are in need of professional movers to keep your valuables safe, or manage a small move, Ship Smart is the best option for you.

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