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Ship Smart Cares About Art by Bailey Bowman

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Art is such an important part of our culture. Though art, technically speaking, is a form of individualized expression, it offers crucial components to a society. Art offers a source of beauty to all, regardless of one’s socioeconomic status; as art is evident everywhere. Art is able to communicate important themes, without barriers- like language or class. Essentially, art makes everyone feel something and draws some level of personal reflection.

This is why the preservation of artwork is extremely crucial to a culture, and Ship Smart does just that. Not only does Ship Smart keep art safe for personal moving purposes, Ship Smart is able to spread the culture of art internationally or here at home. With nineteen years of artwork shipping experience, Ship Smart has the knowledge and skill to successfully ship artwork without harm. With the understanding that art is created with a wide variety of mediums, Ship Smart has become innovative with their crate shapes.

Throughout the past nineteen years, Ship Smart has created many different crate shapes to accommodate many different mediums of art- from paintings to statues. Though unlikely to break under Ship Smart’s watchful eye, artwork is very fragile. If there is any damage to artwork that Ship Smart’s is shipping, Ship Smart promises “economical full replacement insurance” for each piece of artwork they ship. Ship Smart understands the value in every piece of artwork so this is something that is very important and shows this company’s true character.

Not only can an artwork owner rest easy, knowing that he/she’s artwork will be valued at Ship Smart, it has never been easier to ship high dollar art. Ship Smart offers full service pickup and provides online pricing to make the artwork shipping process as easy as possible. This easy process compels people to transport art, therefore strengthening culture, to other parts of the country, community, or world. Ship Smart’s Custom Packaging and Shipping helps spread the irreplaceable value artwork holds on shaping a society and culture.

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