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Memories are something that should last forever. Your grandmother’s jewelry box. Your mother’s artwork. These items values go far beyond there acclaimed prices, because of the history and stories that live within. They can not be replaced so the thought of them being damaged is a nightmare. So, the thought of having to send these items across county without you holding on to them can be a horrible stressor. Shipping antiques and artwork is commonly a concern for movers, but it does not have to be. Getting informed on the topic and doing the necessary steps to prepare can make the shipping of your beloved items quite painless.

The first step involved in shipping antique items is properly knowing the intricate details of your piece. This is necessary for knowing not only what kind of packaging will be the best to use but also so you can tell if there was any damage that happened during the move. Taking pictures of your piece or having multiple people inspect your item can be a great way to ensure you know everything you can before you make the decision to ship the product. A few tips for when you are choosing how to package your piece are: if the item is small use a large box with lots of protective layers so the item is not just safe but also won’t get lost in shipment and if the antique is on the larger side ensure that there is enough protective layers surrounding the object so it will not be broken. Some of these antiques are not only extremely important to us but they can also be very expensive. So, taking the step of getting your items insured can guarantee that your items are also financially safe after you have secured their physical safety.

Overall shipping antiques and artwork fall under a similar umbrella due to the fact that many valued pieces of artwork are in fact antiques, but there are a few differences when shipping these items. They are similar in the since that becoming familiar with your piece is essential and this can include measuring or weighing your object and choosing an appropriate material to ship it in. The shipping methods start to differ because the next step is to cover the artwork in glassine paper. This is an acid-free paper that protects a valued piece from damage including dust or increased moisture. Similar to this, one should always avoid using bare hands when handling valued artwork especially photographs due to the likely hood of fingerprints ruining a picture. Another consideration for artwork is for the paint or color used to make the piece; different types of paints or materials can melt or move destroying the picture if proper steps are not taken to prevent this. There should also be the consideration between rolling a picture or leaving it in its frame, with different mediums handling this action better than others. Simple acts such as these are commonly over looked which can result in a destruction of your prized property.

Another similarity that comes along with shipping both artwork and antiques is the inclusion of a professional in your shipping process. Though we commonly believe that we are the ones who know best in all situations especially when it concerns our prized possessions, sometimes we need to consult processionals. Getting a professional to package or ship your items may be the best decision to protect your objects. This step is essential if you want to be completely confident in your shipping process and leave nothing up to chance. This can also be necessary if you are making a shipment overseas or across boarders to ensure that you get the proper mode of shipment whether it is air, land or water travel and so there are no issues if it has to enter a new country. When moving internationally one must consider the different ways to transport goods. Air versus water travel can have many different variables making each one better for different types of items. Air travel can be the best for increased reliability and less travel time while water travel can be a less expensive option and measures not by weight but rather volume. These factors are all something a professional can help you sort out to lessen your stress and further simplify your shipping process.

Shipping items of such high value can come with a great financial burden as well as be mentally taxing. Some things you can do to decrease the financial aspect include: shipping the item prior your move in date to give the movers more time to process and move your item, using materials provided by the shipping company, and making sure you ship all items at once. Rushing the shipping process or excepting all items to be able to be moved in the same amount of time can drastically increase prices unnecessarily. Simply using the boxes and containers provided by your shipping provider can also decrease price because the movers are prepared for these items which makes them easier to ship. Lastly shipping your items, including antiques or artwork, at one time can decrease processing or shipping fees compared to placing multiple orders as well as saving time on your move. These are all extremely simple and obvious shipping tricks that can be frequently forgotten making the process more expensive than it needs to be. This increase in prices can be solved with simple planning and considering the large and important items that are being shipped long before you consider the lesser items in your home.

There are many things in life that bring about stress but moving should not be one of them. The process of making a new place your home, collecting a piece of artwork from a foreign country, or finding the perfect present for a loved one while vacationing should be celebrated instead of met with the dread of considering how your belongings will make their way across many miles. Being prepared and taking the necessary steps when shipping artwork and antiques can make any process vastly more enjoyable, taking out the unnecessary stress and concern. Art and memorabilia of the past are staples in so many people’s worlds and this is something that they should never have to give up on.

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