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Shipping And Packing by Howard Varnado

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Packing is the one piece of the shipping challenge that many companies fail when they send a small item in a huge container. I have ordered a lip gloss by a website to get a medium sized box with up to four bubble packs to shield my order from the elements. It is not disapproved by me, but just an observation of overkill. If I buy a quantity, I understand that items come from all over to supply my request; however, it is a small-to-medium sized envelope I am expecting when I pick my order off the doorstep. What can be said about the worker that wants to send me my request in an orderly fashion? Perhaps the warehouse did not have a suitable shipping vessel to accommodate a small item? This takes the smallest request to the department that distributes packing materials to at least hear the request by the employee who packs it.

It is a waste of expensive materials to pack a lip gloss into a box that is probably 80 % empty with materials that were not part of the shipment but because of the time frames of the item going out and shipped on time, things get to be a bit ridiculous by the receiver’s standards. I would like to see a mailing envelopes overall shipping I receive to fit the product into vessels that are more suitable.

More sensible shipping with proper items on hand is what is needed for the assured delivery of a desired item. It can be more cost effective, yet I use those boxes and packing for my friends to reuse in a moving to another locale situation. I place them in my storage bin until they are needed to be out of the way for my daily use of my home.

I think that shipping can be overhauled as well. I ship more items from around the globe than most people I live around in my apartment complex. If I ask and pay for a package, I fully expect that this package will arrive at my doorstep, not my neighbors. Yet , the neighbors have gotten bracelets, hats, beauty products and several items of value that they will not admit to receiving. If more delivery drivers would pay strict attention to the directions on the package, the interviews and emails I have sent in the past could be avoided about lost items. It has been an eye-opener about what you can and cannot do with a neighbor about your rightful mailings/packages. The amount that I had lost from a mis-delivery could equal up to 1000 dollars in a year. It is not safe for me to question a neighbor when their right is to retrieve packages on their doorstep.

I feel that working with delivery companies is key to surviving the holidays and the addition of storage lockers at grocery stores have been a plus as an option but is not a great option for me. In the area where I live, we work on a 24-hour clock, I sometimes are returning from work at 2AM. Luckily for me, I can call and inquire about missing items, but every once and again, an item is in limited quantity and cannot be resent. It is necessary that shipping documents allow for explanation regarding where a package was left and what happened to leave it where it was delivered. It has gotten to the point where the delivery drivers are now emailing pictures , but due to the driver’s mistake , it is often not my locale! We as consumers must be partially responsible for these mistakes by being as descriptive as possible by sending more information to the shipper to ensure the correct delivery gets to the correct consumer.

As the newest way to satisfy a customer, packing and shipping is most important as the brick and mortar stores have gone to the wayside. Everyone must do their part during this time of customs; shipping houses transfers from one company to another and being diligent when making purchases online to ensure a timely delivery and correct any mistakes that could have been made as well as paying a little more for the correct sized package for shipping as this is costly to the supplier as well. Bio-degradable/recyclable packaging is worth everyone’s time to invest in and does not hurt animals after their disposal.

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