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Moving To College by Logan McNeill

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This was it, moving day, the eighth in my eighteen years of life that I could remember. 'We’re moving!' Not a welcome phrase to a soon to be high school senior that had already changed schools seven times in the last eleven years, but nonetheless, seven new schools, seven new houses, seven chances to make a new best friend, and seven times boxing up my room only to unpack into a new one. But this time was different, this time it was only me moving and it was actually my choice, I was moving to a college 200 miles away. Moving was always difficult, yet, I always had my family there to fall back on and be with, this time though I was on my own waiting to meet the roommate I would live with for the next year. I always knew I was going to go to college, I just never knew how fast time would go and here it was the night before college dorm move in day.

Knowing I wanted to go to college, I applied for financial aid early, worked all school year and saved my money. Once accepted, my parents and I created a plan of how I was going to pay for school and my future had now become a reality. They helped with books and split a new set of tires with me. All summer we researched what I would need to live comfortably in a dorm room. I knew I would of course need a desk organizer for pencils, pens, paperclips, but I also needed bedding, towels, first aid kid, refrigerator, hygiene supplies, and so much more, it was very overwhelming. We started hitting the yard sales looking for deals so I could leave a set of bedding and clothes at home for when I came back on weekends and did not want to pack a bag. (Except of course my laundry bag, moms like to do their kids laundry right?) Once we had everything we thought we needed we began the great task of packing. Typically the company my dad worked for would send in professional movers and move us. One move, they even packed everything, shipped it all to our new house and then unloaded and reassembled everything for us, that of course was my favorite move. My mom learned many tricks from the professional movers and had started saving boxes, packing tape, foam, wooden crates and plastic wrap and now it was time to put them to use.

My brother, sister, mom, dad and I gathered in my room and began packing. It was similar to my other moves because I made donate, trash, and take piles, but this time I added a new pile called leave at home. There were lots of emotions between the five of us ranging from sadness, fear, anger from my little sister, and later, exhaustion. We had everything wrapped that was fragile in towels or bedding, put my electronics in the wooden crates and tried to organize and label everything by dorm room area. Next came loading my truck. It was a daunting undertaking trying to organize my boxes and bags into a perfect puzzle that would travel safely, but somehow we managed. We secured everything down and moved my truck into the garage for the night and prepared for the hardest move of all of our lives.

Friday morning arrived; we had breakfast and then headed out on the beginning of my new life. My brother and sister rode with me as we followed my parents to my latest home. I had been here once for a visit when I enrolled and had walked around campus but we did not stop and explore the town. We looked out the window trying to take it all in and remember where certain stores and restaurants were. Finally, the campus was in sight. There was already a line at the bursar’s office so we decided to get my housing information first. My roommate was already in the dorm and had unpacked so he came down and helped us unload the truck and carry it all up the stairs. We had never lived in a two story house before and stairs were a new experience for all of us, and if I do say, it is not that much fun carrying a box up stairs.

My family helped organize the room and tried made it feel welcoming. I was not allowed to put nails in the wall so we sticky taped pictures, made my bed, added some lights and plugged in my refrigerator. It was beginning to feel like home, which made my mom sadder than she already was which I did not think was possible. They took my roommate and I to town to buy some supplies we had not thought of and then took us to lunch. Lunch was bittersweet because I knew I would not being seeing my family for awhile but I also knew I had a whole new life waiting for me back at my college dorm room. We said our goodbyes, hugged, even cried a little and then we were off in different directions.

College life has been full of interesting and exciting times. Between glow in the dark bowling, movies on the lawn, volleyball and bingo games and of course new friends, everything at college has been a blast. Walking in the rain to class, having the afternoons off to work and study are also some of the things I enjoy about this new adventure. Although I had never looked forward to a move before, this time it has been totally worth it. Moving is hard, no matter from one house to another, one town to another, or out of your family home and into a college dorm, but moving at some point is inevitable. What may seem like an intimidating task, with proper supplies and a plan moving can be a fun, even enjoyable experience if done correctly.

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