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Ship Smart - Doing a Stress Free Small Move

Doing A Stress-Free Small Move

Whether you are moving a small individual office, one room of your home, or one large piece of furniture, you need experts with years of experience. You don't have to pay for the whole truck when your items cover only a quarter of the space or less!

Small moves are typically considered to be shipments that weigh 2000 pounds or less. It is a rather complicated process, however here at Ship Smart we specialize in just this. Remember the rule of thumb: If it's too big for UPS and Fed Ex but too small for a mover, call Ship Smart.

When To Use Small Moving Companies

If you live the minimalist lifestyle or your move is temporary and you only require specific items to be shipped, a small moving company will come in handy. They specialize in moving the contents of one room or select pieces of furniture. Typically, they are ideal if your items won't fill a moving truck or van.

The benefits of using small movers.
  • Affordable rates. Since you only pay for the items you are shipping rather than the minimum weight that conventional movers carry, you end up spending less. The estimates are typically dependent on weight, distance, type of item being shipped and the location the item or items are being shipped to.
  • Experience. The staff at Ship Smart is highly skilled and knows how to handle delicate and fragile items such as antiques and artwork as well as everyday furniture items and electronics. Having the services of professionals specializing in such items ensures that you get a fully customized smart solution.
  • Apartment buildings have tight spaces and you want a crew that understands how to navigate furniture around the corners without damaging them. Furthermore, we are equipped to provide certificates of insurance to any building in any market.

Preparing For The Move
  1. Organize items that need shipping early. If you do the packing yourself, take extra care to avoid damage to the items. Use high-quality boxes and wrap breakable items using bubble wrap, or similar packing material. If you do not feel comfortable packing these breakables yourself, we can pack them for you!
  2. Make sure you keep the small items and fittings such as screws and bolts in a safe place to make it easy when reassembling the furniture. Otherwise, you might end up with pieces of furniture that are not useful. Placing these items in a plastic bag and securing them to the item is a good way to prevent loss.
  3. Remember to label your items. It will be easier to know what belongs where and it will make your work easier.
  4. Hire professionals. Research is crucial when looking for a reputable small moving company. Consider factors like their shipping rates for furniture, the shipping services and service levels provided, and their experience and reputation. A good small moving company like Ship Smart will help alleviate the stress associated with relocating.

Consider hiring an experienced small moving company.

All our services are specifically developed for small moves. Your items will be secured until they reach their destination with no surprises along the way. With a reliable transportation network and a team trained to offer quality services, you are in good hands. Don't stress yourself with the overwhelming process of packing and shipping your items. Allow us to take that burden off your shoulders. For a simple, affordable and easy shipping process, Ship Smart is here for you.

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