How To Ship Furniture: The Preparation

You have been given a nice piece of furniture or a set of furniture and you need it shipped. It is a big task that requires a skilled pair of hands. Ship Smart is an internationally recognized professional furniture shipping company. Whether you have large pieces of furniture or items that are too fragile to ship loose, we can do it. Don’t take the risk of breaking your precious furniture or hurting yourself, leave it to us for safe handling and delivery.

Preparing Furniture For Shipping

The following tips will help protect your furniture when moving.

In order to ship furniture more efficiently, you will need to have high-quality packing materials. Most pieces of furniture are expensive and hence, should be protected at all costs. Some are bulky and heavy with the potential of causing injuries if not handled properly. For your safety and that of your items, Ship Smart will use some or all of the following on site;

  • Lifting Straps
  • Bubble Wrap
  • Dollies
  • Moving Blankets
  • Stretch Film
  • Shoulder Straps
Be careful moving your furniture.

If you want to move items in preparing for pick up, be sure not to try to lift heavy pieces of furniture. Sliding them is an easier option. Use sliders to protect both your carpet and furniture from getting damaged. Simply place the sliders under each corner of the piece of furniture you intend to move and push it carefully.

Organize your furniture.

Check if it will fit through the doorways or around tight corners. You might have to dismantle it to make pick up easier, or we can do this for you. Empty the all drawers and remove any detachable parts including the feet. These parts should be wrapped. And secured in one of the drawers to avoid loss. We will use moving blankets to protect the furniture from scratches or dents during transportation back to the warehouse.

Avoid folding mattresses.

The damage might be irreversible. Instead, let it lie on one side and with two people on both ends, you will well be on your way. You will need a mattress cover to protect it against stains. If you need one provided for you, just let us know when we call to schedule your small move. Also, watch out for objects that might tear the mattress such as door handles.

Loading furniture into the trucks.

We’ll do that for you! If you cannot prep the furniture properly, we will do that too and always make sure it is safe to transport before we load.

Choose A Reliable Shipping Company

Ship Smart is always the best option when it comes to furniture shipping. Apart from the skills and expertise of our personnel, we offer reliable shipping services, and use top quality equipment and packing materials. Regardless of the shape or size of your furniture, we ensure they are delivered safelyto a destination of your choice.

Whether it is office furniture, vintage furniture or heavy furniture, we will make the process seamless. Plus, our furniture shipping costs are pocket-friendly, giving you one more reason to hire us! If you are planning a mini move, only a small mover can guarantee the customized services required. You only pay for the item or items that is being moved and not a minimum amount that conventional movers charge.