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How To - Shipping a Dining Room Set

Shipping a Dining Room Set

Family dinners are magical moments we all cherish. Did you know that dinnertime conversation is good for the brain? Research shows that kids who regularly have family dinners are likely to perform better than kids who don’t. Here at Ship Smart, we know a dining room set holds a special place in your heart and that is why we have a unique set of customized services for packing and shipping your furniture.

Moving such valuable furniture can be challenging. Most of the items are bulky or awkwardly shaped. To ensure the safety of the dining set, there are factors that you have to consider.

Packing dining room tables and chairs.
  • First, you will need to clean the furniture before you begin preparing.
  • Secondly, check your furniture. Most come as parts and this makes dismantling easy. If the chairs legs can be removed, and you feel comfortable packing them, this can save you money. Wrap the legs in bubble wrap and consolidate in box and label it appropriately. Ship Smart can also disassemble and package these items for you. If your table has a glass or marble top, Ship Smart will wrap these on site for you, and crate them back at the warehouse to ensure safe transit.
  • Make sure you always use sealing tape when wrapping these parts, and for sealing the boxes. Never use masking tape.
  • If the parts are permanent, be very careful when moving tables and chairs around your home. Both chairs and table should be in a standing position for pick up.
Packing a buffet or credenza.

Make sure you empty the contents of all the drawers and pack silverware and other non-breakables in a box. If you are fine with packing breakable items make sure to wrap dishes, cups, and bowls using wrapping paper and/or bubble wrap. Pack plates vertically and fill empty spaces with packing paper or towels if you need to pack those anyway. Seal the boxes and label them as ‘fragile’.

Useful shipping tips.
  • Insure your items. If you're hiring Ship Smart, we offer a variety of full replacement value insurance options. This will alleviate any concerns you might have during the relocation of your items.
  • Always hire a company that specializes in small moves. We are more experienced, and it will cost you less using a small mover like Ship Smart. After scheduling your shipment and completing the pick-up, double check the origin inventory to confirm if all the details are correct about what was picked up, and its condition.
  • Give as much information as possible about what you are shipping from your dining room. This will help the shipping company prepare appropriately. Some items will be easier to ship if they are dismantled.

Need professional services?

We pack and ship all types of furniture to anywhere in the US or the world and can guarantee safe and prompt delivery. You don’t have to worry about damage to your valuable items, as our packaging meets or exceeds manufacturer's specifications.

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