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Packing Precious Mementos

Guide: Packing Precious Mementos

It is never easy to let go of a good memory. And most of the time we have a special item or items that reminds us of that sweet moment. If you are moving, your precious mementos will be the first items you will pack. Preparing your mementos for shipping requires extra special care, as well as extra packaging material. We guide you on simple yet effective way to pack them.

Step 1. Categorize your mementos into two groups? to keep or to discard.

Some of the items you might find in your collection include:
  • All the childhood pictures, artwork and report cards that you have been keeping.
  • High school trophies and awards, letters from friends and family, cards (birthday, Christmas or invitation cards), playbills, football tickets and photo albums.
  • Books, ranging from comic books to home improvement books.
  • Toy collections (you will be surprised to find them still intact).

Be selective and only keep items that bring you joy. Events that happened in the past should not weigh you down and add to your moving costs.

Let each family member decide the items they wish to move.

Step 2. Start the packing process.

After you have organized everything and you know what you don't need, it is time to pack the ones you cherish most. Remember, you should take your time inspecting them so that you don't throw stuff away that might prove useful later on. That is a regret you don't want to live with.

Materials you will need when packing your mementos:
  • Moving Boxes
  • Bubble Wrap
  • Packing Paper (butcher paper)
  • Sealing Tape
  • Marker Pens

How to pack breakable mementos.

Ceramic or glass can easily break. Since most of these items might be small, consider using the small/book (1.5 cu') moving box. They are more compact and sturdy. They are also lighter, and easy to carry around due to their smaller size. Wrap each item using bubble wrap before placing it in the box. Line the bottom and sides of the box with packing paper to act as padding.

Keep the items in a standing position and leave enough space to prevent them from rubbing against each other. Do not overload the boxes, and stuff a lot of packing paper to fill the gaps to minimize movement during shipping.

How to pack photo albums, books, and documents.

Again use the book box or similarly small sized boxes and arrange the books systematically. Cover the top of the box with towels or packing paper to protect the items from damage while in transit. Books are heavy hence try to fit just enough. Precious documents such as articles, art projects for your kids, and marriage certificates should be put together in crates.

Precious clothes should be packed different than your regular clothes.

Clothes, like the wedding gown, should be preserved by packing it is tissue paper rather than regular packing paper and laid flat in a flat lay-down wardrobe box. Packing them like ordinary clothes can cause irreversible damage. Extra care should be taken to protect the gown against dirt, creases, and heat.

Understand The Risks

Shipping precious mementos is risky and you may want to hire a reputable small moving company to help pack these items. They offer crating and packing services, plus the items are fully insured when they are packed by professionals like Ship Smart.

Understand the Insurance

A lot of insurance companies and underwriters will not insure any sort of ?collectibles?, with the exception of comic book collections. Furthermore, jewelry and ?one of a kind? items are generally not insurable. We always recommend you take these items with you, rather than shipping them. Ring holders and small jewelry boxes are easily carried personally in your suitcases or other luggage.

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