A photo of family heirlooms and furniture to be shipped.

Packing and Shipping Your Family Heirlooms

Packing and Shipping Your Family Heirlooms

Most unique items are delicate and can easily be damaged if not handled properly. Family heirlooms and antiques need special handling and packaging in order for them to be delivered safely. These are the items that you can't leave behind no matter where you relocate to. Their sentimental value is what makes them priceless.

Tips to help you pack family heirlooms like a pro.

We use double walled boxes or crates.

Some heirlooms are extremely delicate and even minor damage could render them useless or significantly reduce the value. Ship Smart will wrap each piece in cushioned furniture wrap, and we only use brand new double walled boxes with firm edges, or if necessary wood crates if you decide to pack smaller heirlooms, cushion the items using bubble wrap, or packing foam before placing them in the boxes. Pad the sides of the box so items are well protected.

Record your items.

Because of the high value of some antiques, consider having a record with details of their condition prior to moving. Taking photos of the pieces is recommended. Moving fragile items such as sculptures and artwork require extra special care in packaging. If these items are high value, you may want to have an appraisal done prior to shipping.

Handling heirloom furniture

The size of the piece of furniture does affect the cost, and the larger the item the more difficult it is to safely pack and ship them. This is something to be left to the professionals at Ship Smart, but there is a little preparation you can do: If any parts can be dismantled, wrap these pieces separately and seal them with packing tape, or we can wrap them for you Remember to keep place screws in a bag and secure them to the piece to avoid loss.

Keep small items with you.

There are certain items that are small but invaluable all the same. Items like jewelry, coin or stamp collections, baseball cards, etc? should be carried with you from your old home to you new home.

Older items require extra care.

The age of the family heirloom can also determine how it should be handled. An item that has been passed down from one generation to another may be more delicate and require additional packaging to avoid irreplaceable damage. These items may require special crates, pallets or boxes.

Insurance Coverage

Antiques, family heirlooms, artwork, and paintings should be fully insured. The options vary from one company to another and you have to discuss the choices so that you understand the policy that will suit you best. Ship Smart offers full value replacement insurance for your peace of mind.

Choose the right shipping company.

This is an investment worth making. You get more options in terms of services when you hire a professional company. Their skills and experience will prove worthwhile and they will fulfill your moving needs. With top-notch services and quality materials, Ship Smart will crate and ship your family heirlooms with care. Discuss the type of services we offer to see which one fits your needs best.

Final Thoughts

A golden rule when packing heirlooms is to never stack them without proper padding in between. Use the right equipment and always ask for help. A company such as Ship Smart provides top quality packing and shipping services. Show us the items and let us manage the logistics to pack and ship your most valuable items.

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