Minneapolis skyline with cars and trucks moving on the highway.

Moving To Minneapolis

From it's founding in the late 19th century, to its emergence as the center of U.S. flour production gaining the moniker ?Mill City,? to the modern city we see today, Minneapolis, Minnesota has always been a city of change. Though the milling days are relegated to the past, old stand-outs like General Mills and Target are counted as corporations in the area ? while new companies like Code42, makers of the "CrashPlan" backup service, are on the rise. Speaking of new, are you looking for a place to call home in the Twin Cities area? Wondering what the area is like? Let's take a look at the layout of this remarkable city. Minneapolis, here you come!

1. West Broadway

Interested in outdoor activities? This section of the city might be for you. This area boasts the largest park of Minneapolis: Theodore Wirth Park. The activities here are available year-round and run the gambit of cycling archery, tennis, golfing, fishing... and more! The 750 acre park has 82 acres of water alone! It's a stop on the Grand Rounds National Scenic Byway, a 51-mile-long loop that has trails parkways and lakes... Thedore Wirth Park is completely found within city limits, so if outdoor activities is your thing, you might want to nestle up near here.

Other attractions include the West Broadway Farmer's Market, the Broadway bar and Pizzeria, and the "Serendripity Spot" (Yep, that's not a typo) ? declared to have the best waffles in the area. If you are going to be cycling and exercising, might as well have a delicious reason to!

2. Downtown Core

Want to be in the middle of it all? Downtown core might be the place for you. Called both the Nothr Loop and Warehouse district ? the MLB Twins and NBA Timberwolves call this their home. As does those Minnesotans that seek the nightlife! The area has a wide variety of restaurants: from the venerable Monte Carlo, to the new and hip Borough, it's hard not to find an interesting place to eat!

And don't forget to check out the Marvel Bar, a special bar that features old and new libations alike, tucked away in a stylish basement with some of the best cocktails in the area.

3. Northeast Downtown

Interested in living near history but not willing to give up on the latest and greatest? Northeast Minneapolis might be for you. Located along the Mississippi River, this area is genuinely a location that embrace the old and the new; cobblestone roads and asphalt, trendy new locales and historic buildings. Northeast has it all! Entertainment is varied and you can safely hop from location to location... eclectic spots such as the Riddle Room, an escape room where you have an hour to collect clues and complete all manner of missions, or the Anthony Main Theater, founded in 1985, the hub for the annual Minneapolis-St. Paul International Film festival.

4. West Bank: Cedar Riverside

The West Bank is a truly unique jewel of Minneapolis: East-African communities and students of Augsburg University can be found in the locale. Global cuisine such as "The Red Sea" and "Jambo Kitchen", find themselves together with the Theatre in the Round, a theater that stages nine productions a year!

Music your thing? The Cedar Cultural Center hosts jazz, indie, world, blues and folk, and more. West Bank is truly an experience, and you might want to find a place to hang your hat near and call it home!

5. South of Downtown

The southern location of Minneapolis has, at its heart, a truly independent feel. For instance, Uptown, in Southwest Minneapolis (made popular by the eponymous song by Prince), has 20 bars around a three-mile radius, and rivals the most rambunctious destinations. Of course with this comes noise, so any living accommodations you might want to take that in to consideration before taking the plunge.

But Minneapolis Southwest isn't without its outdoor charm as well. The Chain of Lakes is made up of five lakes and is a very popular destination. You can bike around the lakes, paddle board them, or just look at them from a Patio Bar. Uptown has quite a unique feel!

6. Need Help Moving to the Mini Apple

Whether it is the nightlife or the beautiful parks (no area of Minneapolis is more than six blocks from a park ? true story), Minneapolis is a great choice for your next move. Need help getting there? Probably no surprise, considering where this blog is, we just might be able to help. ;) Give us a call and we'll get your stuff there with limited hassle.

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