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How To Ship Paintings

How To Ship Paintings

When you have a painting to ship and send out, it can be easy to make the mistake of shipping it incorrectly. It may be an innocent mistake, but you run the risk of your art project arriving at its destination in less than pristine condition. If you want to avoid damage, then you should consider the following tips on how to ship paintings.

Generally, paintings are delicate; making sure that it can arrive at its chosen destination in good condition is vital.

Should I Pack A Painting Before Shipping?

The worst thing that you can do when sending a shipment that includes a painting is failing to prepare and pack the shipment properly. The recipient will be unhappy, if the painting arrives damaged. So, you should be super-careful with the packaging of your artwork. You should invest in some shipping tools to ensure that the packaging of your items is done correctly.

What Tools Do I Need To Pack And Ship A Painting?

To build a good quality box, you are going to need a box cutter – even a solid, sharp knife will work. You also need a tape measure and a tape gun to help get the sizes right and ensure the taping of the box is done correctly. You’ll also want to invest in a T-square if you can find one; they are great for cutting straight right angles which aids in building custom boxes for your framed artwork.

How To Determine The Right Size Box For A Painting?

When you are building your box, be sure that you work with the size specification that fits your painting. To do this, measure the painting entirely, this should provide you with the exact size of your art and help to avoid buying or making a box that is too small. Make sure you don’t buy a box that is too large; you want the painting to be snug in the box, not wiggling around inside where damage could occur.

How To Pack A Painting?

Be sure to use a high quality packing tape, acid-free paper, and bubble-wrap when packing the art piece before it’s put in the box. You should be able to get the painting into the box without worrying about the artwork being scratched or damaged; it should be able to absorb all but the most challenging damages.

What Do I need To Determine Shipping Cost For My Painting?

With the box cut to the right specification using the appropriate tools and the painting packed inside of it, you should weigh it on a shipping scale. Weighing your packed artwork will help determine the shipping cost for your painting. With your exact weight and measurements combined with the address at your destination, you will know exactly what you’ll be paying for to transport your painting.

Shipping a painting can be tough work, but by following these tips it should make an otherwise complex experience a bit easier for you. If you are shipping more than a few paintings, it is much cheaper to use our art shipping service for paintings. Ship Smart has shipped artwork for numerous artist and auction houses for over 20 years. Get your art shipping estimate today!

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