Moving a china cabinet long distances.

How To Move A China Cabinet

China Cabinet, Break front, Hoosier Cabinet, whatever you call it, one thing is certain, it's big, heavy and fragile: making it one of the more complex pieces to move properly and safely. Now let's get that thing moved.

It's heavy. Empty it.

I might be stating the obvious here but the first step would be to remove the contents. Especially since it's probably filled with, you know, china or whatever other sentimental knickknacks you cherish. Even if some of the contents aren't fragile you should still make sure they are removed, you would be surprised how easy it is to chip or mar the inside of the cabinet, let alone break the glass, particularly if it's an older piece. Follow the rule of thumb: Furniture is not a shipping box (it is, however, a good place to store broken china... if you catch my drift). And make sure to double check the drawers, it’s easy to overlook smaller items. If the contents are moving along with the piece, now would be the time to pack those up. Even if you plan on having professionals pack for you, you should still find a way to consolidate the items and put them somewhere safe. You don't want anything fragile laying around, we all know that's just a disaster waiting to happen. Step-step crunch.

It's big. Disassemble it.

Okay. Now you have everything removed and safely out of the way, it’s time to try and disassemble the piece as much as you can. Keep in mind some pieces can break down more than others and often newer models are easier to dismantle than older ones. In some cases, these pieces can strip all the way down: hutch, base, crown molding – the bare bones. But not always... so don't push it and remember to err on the side of caution and let the professionals at Ship Smart handle whatever you do not feel comfortable disassembling. Just do what you feel comfortable doing. can and what's best for the piece. hinges. Once disassembled, be sure to keep all hardware. It might be helpful to label which hardware goes where (ex. these are the screws for the top left side). You'd be surprised what seems obvious now will become a Sudoku covered Rubik's cube later. There. Will. Be. Tears.

I found a site that was very helpful to me and although this page is tailored toward refinishing, I found the steps to disassemble furniture clear and easy to understand: Furniture Detective: Don't fall to pieces when disassembling furniture.

It's fragile. Wrap it.

If you are moving the item yourself locally, I would suggest individually wrapping the cabinet in blankets while wrapping the extremely fragile glass in bubble wrap, it will ensure that these parts are as protected during the moving process. If Ship smart is transporting the cabinet leave the padding and packing to us so that your item will be fully insured!

It's a pain. Get help.

Scary, but it needn't be. Ship Smart is an industry leader in small moves and will take the fear out of getting your cabinet to your new home, safe and sound. Reach out to an agent who is ready to field any and all of your questions regarding the move of your China Cabinet, Break front, Hoosier Cabinet – whatchamacallit to your new place.

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