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Furniture Shipping Companies and Their Differences

Shipping Companies

Not all shipping companies are the same; many specialize in specific types of goods. To find the right shipper, you need to know how they ship their items. By understanding the key differences between shipping companies, you can rest assured that you will pick the right company to deliver your items.

Blanket Wrap Movers

The most common moving company would be blanket wrap movers. If you are moving between apartments or when moving from one home to another, typically in larger cities, these are the professionals you want to use.

These movers use heavy-duty blankets with extra cushioning to protect your goods during the move. It's important to deconstruct certain pieces and pack them separately beforehand because these blankets will add additional weight that could crush those objects, such as lampshades. Blanket wrap movers are a great choice when you're making one big long-distance move, such as moving a four-bedroom home coast to coast or if you are moving to a different location in the same town.

Blanket Wrap Small Movers

When making smaller moves or shipping internationally, it's all about volume and weight. Blanket wrap movers who move small amounts focus on filling up their moving trucks and separating everyone's goods with make-shift walls and moving blankets. When traveling long distances, these moves can be prone to damage and loss because items eventually get mixed in together and are constantly being shifted during the moving process.

Small International Movers

International shipments endure a lot more rigorous movement. There will be multiple transfers along the way, where items will be taken out and repacked into a new space, compromising the safety of your goods. Whether your shipment is transferred to a shipping container, a boat, or back onto a local truck within the country of the final destination, each transition causes an additional point of failure and level of complexity, increasing the need for a high level of protection where blanket wraps are not enough.

Furniture Shippers

Furniture Shippers focus on moving furniture like couches, chairs, desks, shelving, and other larger furnishings that need shipping from point A to point B.

Extra care is taken beyond just a thick blanket to move these goods. Furnishings are packed just like the manufacturers pack furniture for retail stores. Furnishings are packed into corrugated boxes or wooden crates and banded on pallets for stability, minimizing the risk of damage during the move. Once packed and palletized, the shipment is moved using forklifts instead of being shuffled around trucks by employees, reducing the chance of loss.

Large moving companies usually have a minimum base price for filling their truck. Furniture shipping companies differ because they charge by weight, so you only pay for your shipping and not for an entire moving truck.

Furniture shippers are perfect for small, yet long-distance moves and are not suited for moving an entire home. Furniture shippers are great if you want to ship a piece of furniture to your new home or if you've sold a furniture piece and want to make sure that it gets to its destination in the condition you sold it in.

One concern not to be overlooked is that many furniture shippers may offer an initial deal that looks excellent, but later you might find that you have incurred extra fees after the job is booked. These additional fees, like fuel surcharges, are called hidden fees. Consider using our furniture shipping services because we do not have any hidden fees and offer the most competitive prices in the industry. We also provide a detailed estimate that includes shipping terms and conditions. When comparing rates, make sure you are provided with a detailed quote for your move. One should be cautious of emails with just a price for your move.

Pod Shippers

There are always those who feel that it will be cheaper if they do it themselves. One option these "DIYers" use is the Pod system. A shipping container is sent to your home, and you are responsible for packing everything and loading it into the container. If you've estimated correctly, it may appear you can save some money for a more significant move. Yet keep in mind there are a few things to consider.

You're probably not an experienced packer and shipper, so there's a high risk of incorrectly packing your household goods. This will lead to damage during the move, and even if you can find someone to insure everything, any claims on the goods will be scrutinized or completely denied. For this reason, we do not recommend pods for high-value items.

Additionally, Pods take space, and there may be special permits to have one of these near your home or in the driveway. These are time-sensitive permits that will expire and add to the overall cost of the move.

Auction Sites For Moving

Some auction sites will try to help reduce the moving cost burden. Unfortunately, these sites usually only cover the shipping, meaning the items themselves need to be packed by someone beforehand, creating the same problem with insurance claims and accountability leaving you with a headache should damage or loss occur.

Many truck drivers use auction sites to fill up their trucks to earn some money on the side. Overall, customer satisfaction is very low on these sites because these drivers don't care about an individual customer or their problems. Make sure you check BBB reviews for these sites.

It's a good idea to stay away from these sites unless you are unconcerned about the condition your item will be in at the end of the shipment. There are usually no guarantees connected with these auction sites, and it may end up causing a headache that outweighs the savings.

How To Decide?

Well, it always depends on your move. For local moves, large or small, use a large or small blanket wrap mover. Why pay for packing and shipping if you are traveling less than 300 miles.

When moving your entire house, you should hire a professional moving company. They are the experts in that field.

If you're moving numerous boxes and inexpensive items a long distance, consider the pod systems.

If you are moving a small amount of furniture, expensive items, or fragile items like statues or artwork, use a furniture shipper like us here at Ship Smart.

We work with you and explain your options, depending on the type of furniture being moved, and the distance. We always recommend our services for long-distance, and even international shipping, as we have specialized packaging equipment to ensure the safety of your goods throughout the moving journey.

We're also fully licensed, insured, and listed with The Better Business Bureau.

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