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Tips For Shipping Crates

Crating and Shipping Tips

So you are considering shipping your goods by crate and looking for some pointers. I have asked our specialists in charge of crating and shipping fragile goods here at Ship Smart for tips on packing and crating, using their answers to create a list of tips to aid you in your endeavor.

First, I should mention that they all suggested that you have ShipSmart crate and ship your items first. When you have ShipSmart deliver your items, they recommended using the deferred delivery service. With the deferred delivery service, a.k.a curbside delivery, the wood crate is preserved when delivered. You would be responsible for moving the container to your garage and unpacking; however, you would be able to discern how the professionals custom-built your crate.

Not all of you can do this, so here are the rest of the tips.

Label Placement and Information

When transporting shipping crates, place large labels in prominent locations at eye level. Shipping labels should provide the necessary information about the cargo according to its nature and dimension. If it is breakable, paste fragile labels outside the shipping crates on a few different sides. The labeled information will give the freight handler a good idea about the product and how to handle the container.

Crating Material

Some different materials used to construct shipping crates range from wood, plastic, and even metal. When shipping internationally, make sure you check with customs at the crate's destination and build the box with approved materials. In addition, shipping crates must be built durable and secure. When transporting goods from one port to another and from one truck to another, these crates can incur impact from other cargo that is poorly packed, rough roads, and turbulent oceans. Therefore, it is a must that crates withstand severe handling conditions during transit, bracing all items to prevent movement during transportation.

Packaging Items

When it comes to packing your items, please make sure to wrap your things with paper, bubble wrap, or plastic, to prevent scratches. Before bracing your items, make sure to package them first. Use foam padding to line crates and packing peanuts, paper, or similar products to fill the entire container. You should always use high-quality packing materials.

Use A Top Crating Company

Many companies specialize in shipping crates. These companies even customize containers according to your specifications. Though these crate manufacturers assure you that their boxes are the best in the market, it still a good idea to pay closer attention to their reputation and experience. You can't take your items for granted.

Everyone is going to have a bad review or two. How did the company respond? Did they make it right? How many bad reviews do they have? How many good?

If you want to have a professional ship your crates for you first and learn from that experience before you ship them yourself, call us here at Ship Smart. Our friendly sales staff can give you a quick estimate right over the phone.

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