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Not only does Ship Smart offer the most competitive shipping rates in the industry, They can also inspect and repack your shipment if necessary.

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Being stuck in between the shipping requirements of other services can force you to pay more money for less service. If you have a shipment that will encompass less than a truckload (LTL) of material, contact ShipSmart before attempting to send things yourself or working with another service. ShipSmart specializes in LTL shipments and has offered the best prices on LTL for over 15 years. In addition to best-in-class transport options, ShipSmart will check and if needed provides professional packing that ensures that your items reach their destination safely. Whether your destination is foreign or domestic, ShipSmart is the best way to transport your belongings. To discover how easy ShipSmart makes moving small-shipments, contact a representative over the phone or use their online price calculator. Either option can provide you with an estimate in minutes. Stop worrying about how to ship your items and contact ShipSmart for an immediate solution.

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Here at Ship Smart we have made it very easy for you to calculate pricing for our services. We offer online estimates for all domestic shipments and an email form for shipping internationally. To receive the most accurate and fastest quote for both domestic and international shipping, please call us during businesss hours at (866) 333-8018. To begin your estimate start by clicking one of the estimate buttons

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With a network of over 300 shipping companies cross country, including most metropolitan areas, Ship Smart offers coverage across the continental United States. For detailed information about our largest coverage areas click on any of these links.

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ShipSmart maintains a network of over 300 warehouses across the country; they offer storage and full service delivery options.

When you work with ShipSmart you are tapping into industry expertise that guarantees you an affordable shipping option. Thanks to longstanding relationships with all the major shipping companies, ShipSmart is always able to find the most economical way to move your items.

Trying to ship a single small shipment can be difficult, large corporate customers receive special attention which can leave your shipment in the corner. ShipSmart is one of the largest LTL shippers in the nation. Due to our large volume, we have our own representative in the Nation’s top shipping companies. These agents are there to answer questions and make sure all our shipments run smoothly. When you use Ship Smart you receive the best shipping service which other companies cannot match.

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Recent Customers

  • Jodi from the New York Times was a recent small move customer.

    ...Based on the quick, intelligent and clear e-mail response I received, I made my choice. ShipSmart... brought my boxes inside my apartment. It was painless, and there were no surprise costs.
    -Jodi Mardesich, The New York Times

  • Verizon was a recent customer that shipped servers with us.
    N.A.S.A was a recent customer that shipped high value electronics with us.

    A.T.T. was a recent customer with us.
  • Years of Service

    The Better Business Bureau. . . processed 10,892. OUT OF ALL THOSE COMPLAINTS, YOUR COMPANY RECEIVED NONE. Congratulations on your success
    -D. Patrick Wallace, President Better Business Bureau

  • The Los Angeles Lakers was a recent customer of ours that relocated employees belongings with us.

    Net I.Q. was a recent customer of our that shipped computers with us.
    HBO was a recent customer that shipped statues with us.

  • Les Paul was a recent customer of ours , who shipped high value items with us.

    I used Ship Smart to move Les Paul's first solid state electric guitars to our Museum. They were professional and easy to work with through the entire process.
    -Richard C., The Discovery World Museum

  • The Blackhawk Automobile Museum was a recent customer of ours.
    Stanford University was a recent customer of ours, who shipped sensitive electronic equipment with us.
    The Cable Car Museum was a recent customer of ours..
  • Bonhams and Butterfields used our service for many of it's prestigous auctions.

    Please contact our preferred shipper: ShipSmart!
    -Bonhams and Brooks, Auctioneer

  • Codwell Banker was a customer of ours.

    The discovery world museum was a recent customer of ours that shipped high value instruments with us.

    Perot Government Systems was a recent customer of ours.